Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Extreme PL 9001

Pricelist : Rp. 16.500.000,-
( Disc langsung hub toko ya )

PL Series, High Powered, High Class, 2 x 1800Watt, 4Ohm ( 3 U )

Product Description

•Amplifier Class  :  H
•Output Power (RMS) 8Ohm  :  2 x 1100 W
•Output Power (RMS) 4Ohm  :  2 x 1800 W
•Output Power (RMS) 2Ohm :  2 x 2700 W
•Output Power (W)(BTL 8Ohm)  :  3000 W
•Output Power (W)(BTL 4Ohm)  :  3800 W
•Freq.Response ±1dB  :  10 Hz-50 KHz
•Slew Rate  :  45
•Damping Factor (20Hz-1Hz)  :  >650
•Voltage Gain   :  35 dB
•Input Impedance  :  20KOhm
•Input Sensitivity   :  0.775V/36dB/32dB
•Signal Noise Ratio   :  >103 dB
•Protection  :  Overload Protect, DC Protect, Short Circuit, InRush Audio, Peak Limiter,       Soft Start ,High Temperature Protect, HF Protect, Back EMF Protect,etc
•Input Connectors  :  XLR(x2) ¼” Phone TRS(x2)
• Input Filter  :  Sub Woofer-Full Range-Satellite
•Output Connectors  :  Binding Post (x2) Speak On (x2)
•Power Supply   :  220 Volt  50Hz/60Hz
•Net Weight  :  42 Kg

Saturday, January 27, 2018

PEACE DS-2 Peredam Drum

Pricelist : Rp. 5.900.000,-

DS-2 Drum Shield
DIMENSIONS: (h) 1.22m/48" x .61m/24" (w) x 3.05m/10’ wide total.
Designed to isolate the drums acoustically from the other instruments, made of clear acrylic, once assembled this will suit a 5/6pc set up.

In the current high tech era, the science of live sound has grown prodigiously with advances in mic, speaker, monitoring, and PA technology, not to mention ticket prices. Backline amplification has shrunk as sound reinforcement has grown exponentially. This has led to a need to reduce the drummer's volume on stage on many venues, tours, bands, etc., without stifling his/her creativity and energy. Hence, audio prophylaxis for the drum set. To a soundman's delight, the assembled shield - made of clear acrylic panels - substantially isolates the drums acoustically from the other instruments.


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