Monday, February 23, 2015

Korg nanoPAD2

Price : Rp. 730.000,-

The Ultimate Compact Drum Controller

The Korg nanoPad 2 USB MIDI controller takes the Korg nano-series to the next level. Sporting a new and improved design, the 16 percussion pads are more responsive and expressive than ever before. Four user-programmable Scenes give you access to 64 pad assignments for a ton of control in a small package. New to the nanoPad series is the Touch Scale function, which gives you the power to play notes and scales from the X-Y pad! You can also assign chords to any of the pads for ultimate control over any software instrument, not just drums! And for recording and live performance alike, the new Gate-arp function lets you play tempo-sync'd phrases and rhythms just by holding a pad or touching the X-Y pad. All of these features would be impressive on a controller of any size - the added portability and durability of the Korg nanoPad 2 makes it the ideal controller for today's mobile musician.

Korg nanoPad 2 USB MIDI Controller Features at a Glance:
  • USB powered for true portability
  • New and improved design means solid performance and enhanced responsiveness
  • Korg Kontrol Editor lets you program four User Scenes for ultimate customization
  • New Touch Scale function lets you play musical phrases from the X-Y touchpad
  • New Gate Arp function creates tempo-synced musical phrases for creative performance and recording potential
The Korg nanoPad 2 Is Ready for your Creativity!

Tech Specs

Number of Keys 16
Type of Keys Percussion pads
Number of Performance Pads 4 user presets
Other Controllers Programmable X-Y touchpad, Hold, Gate-arp
System Requirements Mac Mac OS X 10.4 or later
System Requirements PC Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Height .63"
Width 12.80"
Depth 3.27"
Weight .63 lbs.
Power Supply USB powered

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Pricelist : Rp. 3.550.000,- 
Sale Price : Rp. 2.700.000,-


Number of Amp Types: 11
Number of Cabinet Types: 16
Number of Effects: Pedal Types: 11, Modulation Types: 11, Delay Types: 11, Reverb Types: 11, Noise Reduction: 1
Number of Programs: 96 (24 Banks x 4 Channels)
Audio Inputs: INPUT (1/4” phone jack), INSERT RETURN (1/4” phone jack), AUX IN (Stereo Mini-jack)
Audio Output: OUTPUT x 2 (1/4” phone jacks), INSERT SEND (1/4” phone jack), PHONES (Stereo Mini-jack), LEVEL Knob (adjusts OUTPUT and PHONE), S/P DIF OUT (16-bit, 44.1kHz optical connector (IEC60958, EIAJ CP-1201))
Signal Processing: A/D Conversion: 20-bit, D/A Conversion: 20-bit, Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Tuner: Tuning Range: A0~C7 (27.5Hz ~ 2093Hz), Tuner Calibration: A = 438Hz ~ 445Hz
Power Supply: DC9V (included AC adapter)
Dimensions: 500 (W) x 241 (D) x 72 (H) mm / 19.69” (W) x 9.49” (D) x 2.83” (H)
Weight: 3.6kg / 7.94 lbs.
Included Items: AC adapter

AX3000G Sound Editor for PC/MAC
The AX3000G SoundEditor is an application that allows you to edit all the parameters of the AX3000G from your computer.
The edits that you make are immediately sent to the AX3000G so that you can check the sounds as you edit them. Since the AX3000G SoundEditor can graphically display many parameters at once, all the capabilities of the AX3000G can be handled easily. When finished, your programs can be written to the AX3000G or to a file on your computer.
The AX3000G SoundEditor file formats, AXP and AXG, are the same in Windows and Mac OS X, so you can transfer the files between these two platforms. The AX3000G SoundEditor is a useful librarian for managing all your sounds and settings.

Friday, February 20, 2015



Pricelist : Rp. 2.000.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 1.300.000,- ( save 35% ) 

Professional 2-Channel DJ Mixer with USB/Audio Interface, BPM Counter and VCA Control

  • Professional 2-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps
  • Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file. Works with your PC or Mac computer—no setup or drivers required
  • Massive software bundle including Audacity vinyl restoration and recording, Podifier and Golden Ear podcasting software downloadable at
  • Intelligent, dual BPM counter with time and beat sync display
  • Super-smooth, long-life ULTRAGLIDE faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
  • VCA-controlled faders for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance
  • Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing styles
  • 2-band kill EQ (-32 dB) and precise level meters with peak hold function
  • Microphone input with studio-grade ULN technology
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors for highest signal integrity
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
The VMX1000USB, VMX300USB, VMX200USB and VMX100USB DJ Mixers are built to connect directly to your computer and take your music straight into the digital realm. In an instant, these mixers allow you to record and play any digital music file with your PC or Mac computer with no setup drivers required! You also get a massive software bundle to transform your computer into a full-fledged music production and editing studio.

Live Large With More Mediums!

Like the trusty DJ mixers of yore, the latest VMX series features many RCA inputs for mixing up your favorite vinyl cuts via turntables or feeding signal from tape or CD players. They also feature mic inputs for announcements, an impromptu rap, or any other vocal nuance. But this new generation’s USB connectivity enables you to access your MP3 library or digitize your own creative mix, putting it directly onto your computer. If it can be clicked, spun or spoken, the new VMX USB series can mix it!


When you hook up with a VMX mixer with USB connectivity, you’re adding the ultimate modern touches to your rig at a price that will leave you with cash to spare. Their superior build quality and rugged components mean these mixers will serve you well for years to come. Drop in at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer and find out why so many DJs are making magic with BEHRINGER.

Monday, February 16, 2015



IRig Keys : Rp. 1.200.000,- 

IRig Keys with Ligthing : Rp. 1.500.000,-

----- Stock Ready -----

The Mini Keyboard controller for IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad and Mac / PC. 

The universal portable keyboard

iRig KEYS is the first ultra-slim and highly portable universal MIDI controller keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC. iRig KEYS connects directly to the iOS device's connector, 30-pin connector, or the USB port on your Mac/PC. It features 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys — a full 3-octave range plus one note — takes up minimal space on your desktop and can easily fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag.

iRig KEYS  is MIDI and USB class compliant for a true plug-and-play experience both with iOS devices or Mac/PC. No additional apps, software or drivers are necessary to get it up and running. For total mobility, iRig KEYS  is also an ultra-low power consumption unit.

When hooked up to an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, it can be powered by the device, and for longer playing sessions it can be powered by the available USB port. When connected to a Mac/PC, the USB port powers it.
iRig KEYS  is the ultimate portable companion for keyboard players and producers. Use it any time and anywhere inspiration strikes you... simply hook it up to your device or computer and start playing. You can use iRig KEYS  for live performance, for songwriting and composition with the included apps and software, or with a multitude of other MIDI-compatible instruments and recorders on any iOS, MacOS or Windows system.

Connect and go
iRig KEYS with  30-pin, and USB cables, allowing you to start playing right out of the box, on any iOS device,as well as legacy models that use the 30-pin format. The USB cable lets you connect to any Mac or PC.
  • 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys (3 full octaves range plus one note)
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels
  • Volume/Data knob (assignable)
  • Octave/Program Up/Down back-lit, soft-touch buttons
  • SET button to store and recall 4 different customized setups
  • Input for an optional sustain or expression pedal
  • Core MIDI (iOS) and USB class compliant (Mac/PC) - plug and play
  • Powered from the iOS device or Mac/PC USB
  • Comes with SampleTank FREE iOS and iGrand Piano FREE apps (download from the App store)
  • Comes with free Mac/PC virtual instrument: SampleTank 2 L (download from IK User Area)
  • Includes Lightning, 30-pin and USB cables.

A small controller with great features

For maximum playing comfort and versatility, iRig KEYS with Lightning includes modulation and pitch-bending wheels, plus an input for an optional sustain or expression pedal that accommodates any virtuosic playing style, all housed in a sleek ultra-compact durable package.

iRig KEYS with Lightning features an easy-to-use control panel that gives you 5 backlit soft-touch buttons and one volume/data knob. You will find Program and Octave up/down buttons plus a Set button that will allow you to store up to 4 different set ups for the complete iRig KEYS with Lightning configuration. An Edit mode is also available to transpose the keyboard, send specific program change messages, customize touch sensitivity, change MIDI channel, reassign Vol/Data knob MIDI control change and access to other useful MIDI functions in a flash.
All these parameters can be stored in Sets using the Set button and recalled in a snap, to allow for quick sound switching and easy control of various instruments or apps on the fly.
iRig KEYS iRig KEYS USB connectionsiRig KEYS modulation and pitch wheelsiRig KEYS controls

Plug and play out of the box
iRig KEYS with Lightning comes complete with free pro-quality virtual instrument apps and software that can be immediately downloaded and played, for a true plug-and-play experience out the box.


Price : Rp. 900.000,-

Now go mobile with your favorite MIDI devices

iRig MIDI is an ultra-compact standard Core MIDI interface for iOS that connects any MIDI compatible device to the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®.
iRig MIDI connects MIDI keyboards, drum machines, drum pads, pedal boards and more to an iOS device to control not only the included SampleTank FREE* but also a world of MIDI-compatible apps such as GarageBand®. You can also use iOS apps to control external MIDI equipment such as sound modules, DAWs or lighting systems right from the mobile device.


Keyboard Drum machine
Drum pad Pedal board

iRig MIDI is the only compact iOS MIDI interface sporting 3 MIDI ports: IN/OUT/THRU. These connect to any standard MIDI jacks using the included 2 x 1.6m/5.2' cables. iRig MIDI also has 2 LEDs for displaying the MIDI activity on the IN and OUT ports.
iRig MIDI also exclusively provides a micro USB port – with included cable – that connects to any standard USB power supply source so that the iOS device can stay fully powered during long sessions.

Sound Category

Edit Sound


  • Standard Core MIDI interface connects any MIDI hardware device to Core MIDI-compatible apps like SampleTank FREE and GarageBand®
  • Directly connect MIDI keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, drum pads, pedal boards and more using the included 2 x 5.2' (1.6 m) MIDI 5-pin DIN cables
  • 3 MIDI ports: IN/OUT/THRU
  • 2 LEDs for MIDI IN/OUT activity display
  • Micro USB port can charge the iOS device while in use
  • Free apps included*: SampleTank FREE* the powerful sample-based sound module app and iRig MIDI Recorder FREE*
* All IK mobile apps are available for download from the App Store.

Usage Examples

Keyboard Keyboard closeup

Keyboard and iPad Keyboard and iPad with iKlip

Advanced applications using MIDI thru

With the exclusive MIDI thru port of iRig MIDI, the user can create advanced rigs such as simultaneously using the iOS device and an external sound module as sound generators controlled by a single MIDI keyboard. Or record MIDI performances live using an external MIDI recording device such as a computer!
Advanced applications

Visit IK Multimedia Website here

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Pricelist : Rp. 19.775.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 16.800.000,- (Save 15%)

Compact and Affordable V-Drums, Powered by SuperNATURAL Sound

Enhanced with SuperNATURAL technology, the TD-11 V-Drums V-Compact Series brings a more natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level and budget. Affordable and easy to use, these new electronic kits are perfect for a variety of applications, including practice, teaching, recording, live performance, and more.

Specs :

Kit Configuration
Drum Sound Module
TD-11 x 1 (cable harness and module mount packaged with module)
V-Pad (Snare, Tom3)
PDX-8 x 2
V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2)
PDX-6 x 2
V-Cymbal Crash
CY-12C x 1
V-Cymbal Ride
CY-13R x 1
Cymbal Pad
CY-5 x 1
Kick Pad
KD-9 x 1
Hi-Hat Controller
FD-8 x 1
Drum Stand
MDS-4V x 1 (sold separately)
Extra Trigger Input Jack
1 (CRASH2)
Setup Guide
Options (sold separately)
Cymbal Mount: MDY Series
Pad Mount: MDH Series
Personal Drum Monitor: PM-10, PM-30
V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3X
V-Drums Mat: TDM-10
Wireless USB Adapter: WNA1100-RL or ONKYO UWF-1
*Use Wireless USB Adapter specified above. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.
Size and Weight
1200 mm
47-1/4 inches
1100 mm
43-5/16 inches
1250 mm
49-1/4 inches
22 kg
48 lbs. 9 oz.
* Weight including MDS-4V Stand
* Kick pedal and drum throne are not included.


Pricelist : Rp. 10.875.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 9.245.000,- (Save 15%)

Innovative Design for Maximum Mobility

Featuring a small footprint and an innovative folding design for fast breakdown and easy transport/storage, the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable is the ultimate e-kit for mobile drumming and small spaces. The powerful TD-4 sound module is equipped with a wide range of expressive, editable sounds and essential practice features, while the integrated pads provide a satisfying feel and natural playability. Perfect for small venues, rehearsals, lesson studios, bedrooms, apartments, and more, the TD-4KP combines V-Drums performance and features with impressive mobility and stow-away convenience.

Specs : 
Kit Configuration
Percussion Sound Module
TD-4 x 1
Kick pad
x 1
* Kick pedal and drum throne are not included.
Pad for Snare/Tom
x 4
Cymbal pad for hi-hat/crash/ride
CY-5 x 3
Hi-hat control pedal
FD-8 x 1
Connection cable
special for TD-4KP
Setup Guide x 2
Owner's Manual
AC adaptor
Special connection cable
Wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2
Options (sold separately)
Pads: PDX series
Pad mount: MDH series
Personal drum monitor: PM-03, PM-10
V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
V-Drums mat: TDM series
V-Drums Tutor: DT-1
Size (including Kick Pedal, Cymbals, and Drum Throne)
1000 mm
39-6/16 inches
1200 mm
47-1/4 inches
1250 mm
49-1/4 inches
Size and Weight (Folded Dimensions)
300 mm
11-13/16 inches
500 mm
19-11/16 inches
700 mm
27-9/16 inches
12.5 kg
27 lbs. 9 oz.


Pricelist : Rp. 15.800.000,-

Featuring all DTX-PADs for snare, toms and floor tom, real hi-hat controller and 3-zone cymbals, you can build your drumming skills the more you play. The training functions of the DTX700 module will help you develop solid timing and take you to the next level. With kits and sounds for every musical situation, and 64 MB Flash-ROM for loading your own samples, this kit is ready for live performance. And with an internal performance recorder, plus 2 USB ports for storage and connecting to a computer, the DTX700K is a powerful tool for triggering samples and sequences on stage, recording high-quality drum tracks at home, or in the studio as a midi controller of virtual instruments.



DTX-PAD Snare,Toms
Snare diameter 8"
3-zone pads Snare
Realtime control knob No
Real Hi-Hat System Yes
Hi-Hat stand HS650A
3-zone cymbals Crash, Ride
Trigger Module DTX700
Rack System RS500
Pad Set DTP700P (PAD SET) includes: XP80, XP70 x 3, KP65, DTP700C (PAD SET) includes: PCY135 x 2, RHH135, HS650A

Size/Weight (Trigger Module)

Dimensions Width 277 mm (10-29/32 inch)
Height 213 mm (8-25/64 inch)
Depth 95 mm (2-3/4 inch)
Weight Weight 1.5 kg (3.31 lbs)

Tone generator

Maximum Polyphony 64 notes
Voices Drum and percussion: 1,268, Melodies: 128
Effects Reverb: 6, Chorus: 6, Variation: 42, Kit EQ: 4 band, Master EQ: 3 bands
Drum kits Preset: 50, User: 10 * all of which may be edited and overwritten


Note Capacity Approx. 152,000 notes
Note Resolution 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Song recording type Real-time replace
Song tracks 1 track
Songs Demo: 2, Practice: 44, Pad: 17, User: 30 * all of which may be edited and overwritten
Sequence formats Proprietary, SMF format 0


Tempo 30 to 300 BPM, Tap Tempo supported.
Beat 1/4 to 16/4, 1/8 to 16/8, 1/16 to 16/16
Timing Accents, Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Triplet
Training Functions Measure break, Groove check, Rhythm gate


Connectors USB TO DEVICE/TO HOST, OUTPUT [L/MONO] (Standard mono phone), OUTPUT [R] (Standard mono phone), Trigger Input 1 to 8, 11 (Standard stereo phone, L: Trigger Input, R: Rim Switch), Trigger Input 9 and 10 (Standard stereo phone, L: Trigger Input, R: Trigger Input), HH-KICK (Standard stereo phone) , HI-HAT CONTROL (Standard stereo phone), AUX IN (Stereo Mini), PHONES (Standard stereo phone), MIDI IN/OUT
Accessories Power Adaptor (PA-150, or an equivalent), Module holder, Module holder fastening screws x 4, Owner's Manual, Data List, DVD-ROM (Cubase AI)

Audio Import

Samples 500
Sample Data Bits 16 bits
Sampling Time * Mono/Stereo 44.1kHz: 23 sec., 22.05kHz: 46 sec., 11.025kHz: 1 min. 32 sec., 5.5125kHz: 3 min. 4 sec.
Sample formats WAV, AIFF

Friday, February 6, 2015

Electro-Voice ZLX-15P 15-inch Two-Way Powered

Pricelist : Rp. 27.500.000,- perpasang. 
SALE PRICE : Rp. 18.000.000,- / pasang

Extend your low-end with this portable powerhouse. Whether used on its own or with a sub, the ZLX-15P provides crisp, clean highs and tight, deep lows for larger spaces – all with enough amplifier headroom to make sure you’re heard both loudly and clearly. Visit the ZLX microsite

Features :
  • 1000 W (Class D); 127 dB max SPL; 42 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 15” woofer and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver
  • 38.0 lbs (17.3 kg)
Spesifications :

Frequency Range42 Hz - 20 kHz
Maximum SPL127 dB
Power Rating1000 W
Frequency Response55 Hz - 18 kHz
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H90 °
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V60 °
LF TransducerEVS-15L, 380 mm (15 in) Woofer
HF TransducerDH-1K
Connector Type(2) XLR/TRS Combo Jack, (1) 3.5 mm Input, and (1) XLR link Output
Enclosure MaterialPolypropylene
Grill18 Gauge Steel with Black Powder Coat
Height685 mm (26.97")
Width423 mm (16.65")
Depth383 mm (15.08")
Weight Net17.3 kg (38.14 lbs)
Shipping Weight23 kg (50.71 lbs)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

SHURE BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System

NEW !!!!!!

Pricelist : 539 USD

BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System
The BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System is part of the BLX wireless systems family.
Shure BLX® Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, it’s the most accessible way to own the stage.
Included: BLX4 single channel wireless receiver; BLX1 bodypack transmitter; SM31FH Headset Condenser Microphone; PS23 power supply and URT2 rack tray (optional accessories).


BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter:
  • TQG connection for use with Shure lavalier, headset, earset and instrument microphones and guitar cables
  • Toggle on/off switch
  • 26dB adjustable gain control
  • Lightweight, rugged construction
BLX4 Single Channel Receiver:
  • One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency (in case of interference)
  • Up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band (region-dependent)
  • Two-color audio status indicator LED
    • Green: Normal audio levels
    • Red: Excessive audio levels (overload/clipping)
  • XLR and ¼” output connectors
  • URT2 Rack Tray (available separately for BLX4 and BLX88)
SM31FH Headset Condenser Microphone

Youtube : 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marshall 1960A Cabinets for JCM 900

Pricelist : Rp. 9.600.000,-


The 1960A is the world’s best selling 4 x 12” speaker cabinet, with a heritage that stretches back to the early 1960s. This authentic 4 x 12” cabinet design, which has changed little since 1962, is the touchstone for all other angled 4 x 12” cabs.
The 300 Watt 1960A has excellent sound projection, which is achieved by angling the baffle so that the top two speakers face upwards slightly, allowing higher frequencies to really cut through. The angle also makes for a better onstage sound, as the sound focus is up towards you, rather than straight out.

Marshall JCM900 Head

Price List Rp.17.600.000

Marshall JCM 900 4100 Amplifier Head memiliki dua channel, A dan B. Channel A dibuat untuk sound clean yang jernih dengan gain kecil, dan kalau gain control dinaikkan maka dia akan menjadi crunch. Channel B lepas landas dari posisi terakhir Channel A dengan gain yang lebih tinggi dan memilik kontrol EQ. Ini menghasilkan suara yang sempurna untuk setiap nada dari mulai sound clean yang super jernih hingga sound distorsi yang dahsyat

Setiap Channel juga memiliki kontrol masing-masih untuk level control dan reverb control
Efek loop dengan level control juga disediakan untuk memudahkan anda menambahkan efek efek tambahan dari luar.

Output (RMS): 100 Watt
Twin Voiced Channels: 2
EQ: 4-Stage EQ
Pre-Amp Valves: 3 x ECC83
Power Amp Valves: 4 x 5881
Series FX Loop: Yes
Footswitch (supplied): No
Dimensions (mm): 750 x 310 x 220
Weight: 18k
Optional Cabinet: The JCM 1960A is a perfect match for this amp head.

Marshall MG15CFXMS

Pricelist : Rp. 4.990.000,-


The MG15CFXMS ‘Micro-stack’ emulates the configuration of the legendary and iconic Marshall ‘stack’, consisting of a straight bottom cab, angled top cab, with the head on top.
The ‘Micro-stack’ head has the same front panel features as the MG15CFX combo with four channels: Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, and EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay (tap-tempo) and Octave (fixed), digital FX, and memory function.
Each cab is loaded with a 10” Custom speaker, and as a result it sounds bigger than the MG15CFX combo, in a fun, small-stack configuration.

Marshall JMD100 Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

Price List Rp. 9.335.000,-

The Marshall JDM100 is a 100watt amplifier head which is the combination of revolutionary digital pre amplification and the awesome power of a Marshall EL34 power stage.

Click Below for MNJ's Marshall JDM100 Amplifier Head Review on DV Guitar Mag:

Marshall JDM100 Amp Head

Marshall JDM100 Amplifier Head Overview:

The JMD-100 delivers a variety of amplifier topologies in full high definition using exclusive technology developed in conjunction with SOFTUBE, a leading digital development company.

The JMD-100 is loaded with 16 possible preamplifier variants, onboard modulation, noise gate, delay and reverb sections and has the ability to silently record through an emulated output, play through headphones or along with your Mp3 player.

Not only can the JMD-100 perform on a stage but because of all of these features it also excels in a studio or home recording environment as well. A 6-way footswitch is included with the ability to store 28 presets amongst other features.

The Main Features of the Marshall JDM100 Include:

100Watt Valve Amp Head with 4X EL34 Power Stage
16 Digital Natural Harmonic Technology Preamplifier Topologies
Comprehensive Effects including- Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo ,Noise Gate and Independent Custom-voiced Reverb
Tap Tempo controlled HiFi Analogue, Tape and Multi delays
Effects Loop
Midi Control (in and thru)
Stompware Controller Supplied
Line out with Speaker Emulation
Headphone Out
Preamp Out
Speaker Out
Manufacturer: Marshall

Marshall MS-4ZW Zakk Wylde Micro Stack

The Zakk Wylde wall of doom is a sight to behold. Now you too can have a part of the Zakk Wylde doom wall, in miniature.
This restyled MS4 product has been lovingly converted into a mini replica of Zakk original 2203 signature amp look. Detailing such as bulls eye graphics and Black Label Society logo give the amp the distinctive appearance of the doom wall whilst gold piping detail and gold logos finish the look.

The Marshall MS-4 MICRO STACK features 2 speaker cabs with a head, a full-stack in miniature form.

Price List Rp. 540.000,-


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