Thursday, October 2, 2014

Behringer Eurocom Installation Speaker Systems

ST In-Ceiling

ST Series loudspeakers are unlike any in-ceiling speaker you’ve seen or heard! With our exceptional aesthetics and premium-grade sound, the ST Series features a proprietary range of concentric drivers that deliver exceptionally broad frequency response and ultra-wide dispersion; all manufactured to exacting quality control standards in our BEHRINGER manufacturing facility. Offered in a variety of full-range and complementary subwoofer models, the EUROCOM ST Series offers unmatched performance, style and value.

SL On-Wall

Discarding the classic box shape of traditional surface mount loudspeakers, BEHRINGER has created a sleek shape with smooth curves that do not detract from the ambiance of its location, but instead enhance it. Innovation and originality continues with our mounting system, which provides exceptional range of motion, on both axes. Durability, rugged construction, dual impedance modes* and incredible weather resistance make these speakers perfectly suited for foreground music, AV playback, and distributed sound reinforcement applications.
* Dual impedance mode not included with SL4210, SL4208S

MA6000 Series Mixer

MA6000 Series products are the most powerful, feature-rich mixer-amps, power amps and stand-alone mixers in the EUROCOM family, combining automatic mixing, expandability, dual-channel amplification and a vast array of standard features with a sleek, stylish front panel that focuses on simplicity. Boasting high power, scalability, unprecedented value and reliability, MA6000 Series automixer-amplifiers are destined to set new standards in distributed system designs.

MA4000 Series Mixer

Born of the same spirit as the flagship MA6000 Series, MA4000 Series products offer extraordinary versatility and ease-of-use in a rack-mountable system that is ideal for commercial install applications such as restaurants, bars, stores, sports clubs, spas and houses of worship. The clear and intuitive front panel is designed for operation by non-technical personnel, while the back- panel controls provide the installer with tremendous flexibility in customizing the system to suit individual installations.

AX6000 Series Power + Total Control

The EUROCOM AX Series dual-channel professional power amplifiers represent the apex of power, flexibility, and control in digitally enabled power amplifiers. Two models are optimized for low impedance speaker loads (down to 2-Ohms), while a two additional model are designed to drive high-impedance loads (70.7/100V). With our AX Series amplifiers, programming, monitoring and control have never been easier. Whether accessed directly, from across the hall or halfway around the planet, the AX Series amplifiers feature a plethora of connectivity and control options, providing immediate access to unbridled functionality.


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