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Pricelist : Rp. 38.400.000,-


24 Channel Digi-Log Live Audio Mixing Console with 8 X 8 Channel USB Interface
At first glance, VeniceU looks like a straightforward, easy-to-use analogue audio console – an application it will fulfill with ease. However, a closer look shows that VeniceU is also a hybrid “Digi-log” mixer offering a fusion of both analogue and digital technology.
One look at the VeniceU confirms that this console continues the legacy established by the ground-breaking MIDAS consoles which have been at the heart of so many historic live performances. From the VeniceU’s class-leading EQ filters, to the latest expression of that legendary MIDAS mic preamp, this is a console which compromises only on price.
As with FireWire equipped VeniceF, the VeniceU bridges the gap between analogue and digital audio consoles, and offers the user the ease-of-use, warmth, feel, and zero-latency of analogue, combined with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing via its 8 x 8 USB digital audio interface.
  • Frames: 24
  • Overload-tolerant MIDAS mic preamp with polarity switch, high-pass filter and -20 dB pad
  • 8 input x 8 output USB digital audio interface - flexible routing options including 6 aux buses, 4 subgroups, both matrix buses and the stereo masters
  • The equaliser section features four bands of MIDAS EQ, with swept filters on all 4 bands and an EQ in/out switch
  • Individual phantom power for each mic input (including stereo channels)
  • Analogue or USB input select switch on 4 stereo input channels, allowing “plug-in” FX and multitrack record mix down
  • 6 auxes with individual bus pre/post fade switching and routing to USB
  • 7 x 2 matrix with stereo split switching and routing to USB
  • Multifunction channels have fully featured mic preamps
  • Discrete stereo master bus with individual routing to USB plus discrete mono master bus
  • 4 audio subgroups with fader flip to auxes and routing to USB
  • Highly efficient integral auto-ranging switch mode power supply
Digi-log - USB
VeniceU’s USB audio interface combines the power and convenience of digital audio processing with the warmth and feel of an analogue audio mixer. The USB interface can be used with any computer fitted with a USB port, and is effectively a 16-channel (8 x 8) digital audio bus, which connects directly to your computer and enables the use of any third-party audio processing software in conjunction with the console.
All 6 aux buses, 4 subgroups, both matrix buses and the stereo masters route to the USB interface, up to 8 buses at one time. Applications include multitrack recording from the VeniceU’s digital bus outputs, and plugin FX processors driven from aux sends and returned to the stereo channels’ digital USB inputs. All with a heart of pure MIDAS.
  • 8 x 8 channel USB interface
  • Allows the use of third-party plugins
Buss Structure
The VeniceU’s bus structure is identical to the larger VeniceF - 6 aux sends, 4 groups, stereo masters, discrete mono bus and a 7 x 2 matrix. All bus outputs feature XLR connectors and insert capability. All 6 aux sends are individually-switchable pre or post fade and the 2 aux buses designated as monitor (foldback) sends are also switchable pre/post EQ on an individual input channel basis.
  • 6 aux sends
  • 4 groups
  • Stereo Masters
  • Mono Buss
  • 7 x 2 matrix
Mono Input
Mono channels feature the indispensable MIDAS mic preamp, still crafted from discrete components, rather than cheaper IC options. The 20mm input gain is complemented by a quartet of switches: +48 V, -20 dB, polarity reverse and 80 Hz hi-pass filter.
Mono channels can be routed to all 6 aux buses, the 4 subgroups in odd/even pairs, left and right masters via pan control, and discrete mono master output. Superior quality 100 mm faders give precise control over the mix, while providing that reassuringly tactile MIDAS touch.
The equaliser section features 4 bands of superb MIDAS EQ, with swept filters on all 4 bands, an EQ in/out switch and LED status indicator. Additional switch functions with LED status indication are mute and solo. Metering is provided by a highly accurate 4-element LED display.
  • 4 bands of MIDAS EQ
  • +48 V
  • -20 dB pad
  • 80 Hz hi-pass
  • 100 mm faders
Multi-function Channels
Multifunction channels each have a mono mic, L&R stereo line, and a L&R stereo USB input. Each of the 4 multifunction channels feature separate gain for mono mic and stereo line inputs. They have the same mic amp functions as the mono channels, 4-band fixed frequency MIDAS EQ with in/out switch and LED status indicator. Additional switch functions with LED status indication are for mute and solo. The stereo USB inputs are intended to be used for either stereo media playback, stereo digital FX returns, or sub mixes created in the DAW.
Multi-function channels can be routed to all 6 aux buses, the 4 subgroups in odd/even pairs, left, right and mono masters.
  • MIDAS 4-band fixed frequency EQ
  • +48 V
  • -20 dB pad
  • 80 Hz hi-pass
  • USB inputs
  • 100 mm faders
The 2-channel 7 x 2 output matrix has level controls which source from the 4 groups, Left, Right and Mono outputs. Each channel features level output control, mute and solo switches with LED indication. There are additional switches which split the L & R contributions to the matrix (default is a sum of L & R) and to send the matrix outputs to the USB interface instead of the L & R mix.
Both Matrix channels feature balanced XLR output connectors and single TRS insert points.
  • 7 x 2 matrix
  • Routing to USB
  • XLR Outputs
  • TRS insert points
Many manufacturers cut quality when they design small mixers. At MIDAS we understand that modest channel count doesn’t have to mean compromised performance and a poor feature set. The VeniceU embodies quality, from its rugged construction and top-of-the-range components through to the unmistakable MIDAS sound, which makes the VeniceU a truly professional audio console.
The frame is a typical MIDAS steel section, providing sufficient strength and rigidity for a hard life on the road. Potentiometers are metal-shafted, and individually nutted to the steel fascia panel.
The VeniceU is finished in the well-loved, classic MIDAS “Heritage” livery.
  • Rugged, roadworthy, tour-proven construction


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