Monday, October 19, 2015

ROLAND RD-64 Digital Piano


Pricelist : Rp. 14.860.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 11.500.000,- (Save 22,5%)

Digital Piano

Grand Piano Sound and Touch in a Compact Instrument

Previously, the only avenue to an authentic piano sound and touch was a large, heavy, and hard-to-carry keyboard. Now, with the RD-64 Digital Piano, stage and studio players can enjoy Roland’s acclaimed piano features in a compact, travel-friendly instrument. SuperNATURAL Piano technology powers ultra-expressive acoustic piano tones, while the 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides a true weighted-action playing feel. Also onboard is a selection of SuperNATURAL-based vintage EPs, plus essential clav and organ tones. Controllermode instantly turns the RD-64 ito a flexible IDI maser keyboard, with a special one-touch seup that unlocks te upeNAURL sud otetil n aconete INTEGRA-7 sound module or JUPITER-80/-50 synth. Streamlined and mobile, the RD-64 delivers piano-action performance and impressive versatility for live playing, on-the-go composing, home studios, teaching labs, and beyond.
  • - Grand piano sound and weighted keyboard action in a compact, mobile instrument
  • - SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers authentic, expressive acoustic piano sounds
  • - E. Piano based on SuperNATURAL technology provides vintage electric pianos modeled with extraordinary accuracy
  • - 12 versatile tones onboard, including clav and organ sounds
  • - 64-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement for a pro-quality piano touch
  • - Streamlined design that’s light and easy to carry
  • - Two-band EQ and reverb, plus two multi-effects (EFX 1, EFX 2) for each tone category
  • - Controller mode* provides MIDI master keyboard functionality, including a dedicated, one-touch setup for controlling SuperNATURAL tones in the INTEGRA-7 sound module and JUPITER-80 / JUPITER-50 synthesizers
  • - Pitch bend/mod lever and D-BEAM
  • - iPad compatibility via Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit
  • * When the RD-64 is used in Controller mode, the onboard tones are not available.

Ideal for iPad Music Production

With an ever-increasing number of music apps available, the iPad is becoming more and more popular for basic production and on-the-go composing. By plugging in via Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit, the RD-64 gives you a mobile, weighted-action keyboard to use with the popular tablet computer.


64 keys (Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement)
Touch Sensitivity
Key Touch: 5 types

Sound GeneratorSound Generators

SuperNATURAL Piano
SuperNATURAL (E.Piano)
Virtual Tone Wheel Organ
Max. Polyphony
128 voices
12 Tones
Master Tuning
415.3 to 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
Key Transpose: -6 to +5 (in semitones)
2-band Digital Equalizer

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,114 mm43-7/8 inches
Depth (D)
273 mm10-3/4 inches
Height (H)
116 mm4-5/8 inches
12.8 kg28 lbs. 4 oz.


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