Friday, May 1, 2015

Pearl Vision VBA Artisan II Limited Edition Rod Pins Finish

Pricelist : Rp. 15.750.000,-  
SalePrice : Rp. 12.600.000,- (Save 20%)

Pearl Vision VBA Artisan II 6pc Drum Kit - Limited Edition Rod Pins Finish

Vision VBA delivers full Pearl Birch quality in Artisan II finishes you’ll have to see to believe!

Each VBA drum kit is equipped with a special designed Artisan II finish by Pearl. All will be complemented with 890-Series Hardware Pack. Based on the new Vision-family formula, VBA drum kits feature Birch Ply shells, a striking new Badge design, and rock solid drum hardware.
Rod Pins has found its inspiration in the Californian life style, with Blue and Black vertical pin tailed stripes on a white based finish, equipped with chrome drum hardware and featuring a black Bass drum head. Vision VBA is now outfitted with Remo Pinstripe tom batters and clear resonator heads, coated snare batter and clear snare head, and Powerstroke 3 bass drum heads for superb sound and excellent durability.
Limited Edition Rod Pins Finish
  • 22x18in Undrilled Bass Drum
  • 10x7in Tom Tom
  • 12x8in Tom Tom
  • 14x12in Floor Tom
  • 16x14in Floor Tom
  • 14x5in Snare Drum
Comes complete with Pearl 890-Series Hardware Pack.
Cymbals and stool included


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