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ZOOM Q3HD - Handy HD Video Recorder

Pricelist : Rp. 3.025.000,-

Brilliant Stereo Recording... Now with HD Video.

Zoom brought unrivaled stereo sound to your movies with the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Now, with the Q3HD, there's only one handheld camcorder that does it all in 1080p. The Q3HD Handy Video Recorder takes Zoom’s renowned audio technology and combines it with HD video, allowing you to capture every moment with stunning clarity and resolution.
Watch the Q3HD Product Video:

It’s an HD World.

With the Q3HD, it’s never been easier or more fun to shoot great videos. Select 720p or 1080p for amazing clarity and detail no matter where or what you’re shooting. It also includes two standard definition (SD) formats for those times when a smaller file size is needed.
With a new lens and imaging sensor, the Q3HD captures exceptionally clean video that is compressed with the high quality H.264 video codec. It also has a larger aperture, which lets more light into your movies. And with its 4x digital zoom, the Q3HD gets you closer to the action.

Turn it sideways…

Zoom made on-the-go viewing better than ever with the Q3HD. Simply turn the camera on its side and press play. Watch your videos anywhere with its “widescreen” color LCD screen and built-in reference speaker.
Playback Sideways

Bring up the lights.

With the Q3HD, you can choose among three different lighting settings. This makes shooting video in challenging lighting conditions easy. For most situations, choosing “Auto” will give you the best, clearest results. You can also select “Concert Lighting”, which will automatically adjust for rapid changes in stage lights and compensate when the stage goes dark. Choose “Night” for maximizing any available light in the lowest light conditions.
Eric Bass Shinedown

Sound makes the movie.

The Q3HD uses the same microphone capsules as Zoom’s industry-leading H4n Handy Recorder. From live musical performances, rehearsals and recitals to journalism, education, sports or travel, the Q3HD’s pristine audio is so realistic your movies will transport you back to the moment, to relive over and over again.
Q3HD X/y mics
With two on-board, studio-quality condenser mics configured in a wide 120° X/Y pattern, the Q3HD gives you true depth and stereo imaging, making your movies sound as if they were recorded on a Hollywood soundstage.
The Q3HD also displays audio meters, allowing you to quickly monitor and set your levels. Set the gain to High or Low to record in soft or loud environments. Or use the Q3HD’s Auto Level to automatically set the right recording level for any given situation. And now with two settings for Auto Level Gain Control, we’ve made it easy to get great sound no matter what you're shooting. For outdoor shoots, we highly recommend using a windscreen over the mics.
Q3HD in hand
To see actual Q3HD samples and view the latest Artist videos, visit

Get intuitive.

The Q3HD sports a new icon-based user interface that makes navigating through all its functions easy and intuitive. Play your movies, select video and audio formats and a host of other functions, or delete unwanted files with ease.
Q3HD Menu Icons Q3HD Video Quality Menu

Share your vision.

When your shoot is complete, the Q3HD’s built-in USB cable lets you download your movies to your computer for editing and sharing. In addition, the Q3HD’s new file divide function lets you edit your video right on the unit and save time by transferring only what you need.
Use the included HandyShare software to edit your movies. And you can now add effects like reverb and normalize the audio for consistent levels, making your movies sound even better. Or, bring them into more sophisticated editing software like iMovie or Final Cut for more extensive edits, effects and titles.
Q3HD USB connectivity
HandyShare can also be used to upload your videos to YouTube. And because the Q3HD includes an HDMI output, you can watch your movies at home on your HDTV. And the Q3HD’s incredible audio will sound amazing on your home theater setup.


HD matters to YouTube musicians.

With the Q3HD, there’s never been an easier way to promote your music. Now, all your videos will look amazing and sound like they were recorded in a professional studio. Classical to metal, solo to full orchestra, the Q3HD is ideal for shooting any kind of musical performance and sharing it with the world.
Q3HD Classical Music Q3HD Rock Music

Accelerate the learning curve.

Music educators and students alike know that seeing and hearing your performance helps you play better. And because the Q3HD is so small, you can place it anywhere to focus on something specific, like a fingering or bowing technique. From the classroom to the practice room, educators and students will find the Q3HD is ideal for recording auditions or making video lessons.
Music Education

Get personal.

There’s never been a smaller HD camera that sounds as good as the Q3HD. For videographers, this means there’s an amazing array of options for incorporating Q3HDs into your setup. Imagine using a Q3HD to capture unique moments that are unscripted. This footage, with outstanding video and audio quality, will make any wedding video even more personal and intimate.
Q3HD great for weddings

Sports Center in HD.

Stay close to all the sports action with videos that look and sound amazing. Capture all the details with incredible depth and sound that will make you want to relive every touchdown, homerun or slam-dunk again and again.
Q3HD and sports

Live, from your HD World.

Journalists and bloggers will love the Q3HD for its ability to gather both pristine video and audio in the field. On-the-scene video, interviews, events — just about anything can be effortlessly shot, edited and uploaded with broadcast-ready video and audio. And because the Q3HD has a standard tripod mount, you can use common video accessories with ease.
Perfect for Journalism

Your personal HD travel channel.

World-travelers… the Q3HD is a “must pack” on your next excursion. No other HD camcorder can match the movies you’ll shoot with the Q3HD. With sound and picture so realistic, you’ll be seeing the sights all over again, just like taking a return trip! For shooting outdoors, you’ll want to use a windscreen…
Q3HD for Travel

HD Movies… Out of the box.

The Q3HD is packaged with everything you need to make your movies right out of the box. It includes a 2GB SD card, HandyShare editing software and two AA batteries. With a 2GB SD card, you can record up to 45 minutes of HD video. The Q3HD will also accept SDHC cards of up to 32GB for a staggering 7 hours of HD moviemaking.

Accessorize your moviemaking with the Q3HD Accessory Pack!

To further enhance its versatility, a Q3HD accessory package, including a soft shell case, windscreen, AC adapter, HDMI cable, AV cable and tripod, will be sold separately.
Q3HD Accessory Pack

Q3HD features at a glance.

All of the Q3HD’s functions are as clear and comprehensive as the audio and video that they capture. On the front of the Q3HD, you’ll find two condenser mics, lens and a recording indicator that lights up red when recording. The battery compartment is also located on the front of the unit.
Q3HD Front and Back
The Q3HD’s large LCD screen, located on the back of the unit, conveniently displays icons for battery life, recording levels, sound quality, current operation status, screen setting, image size/frame rate, elapsed/remaining time, recording source, recording destination and lo-cut filter information.
In addition to the screen/interface, the back of the Q3HD features the unit’s reference speaker and transport controls. Menu, record/select, play/pause, delete and a directional button are all easily accessible from this location. The Q3HD also features its USB 2.0 cable and tripod mount on the bottom of the unit.
On the right side of the Q3HD you will find the input and output functions. Use the Line In to record sound from an external mic. A Phones/Line Out sends audio to headphones or external speakers. You’ll also find an AC adapter connection, a TV output for use with standard definition TVs and an HDMI port for watching HD content on HDTVs. A three-level Gain Control switch is also located on the right side of the unit.
On the left side of the Q3HD, you can insert an SD or SDHC card into the slot. Lastly, the unit’s ON/OFF power button is in this location.
Q3HD Sides
The best sounding stereo recorder… now with HD video.
The Q3HD brings HD video and audio together for great looking videos that sound better than ever.

  • Built-in stereo condenser microphones with 120° X/Y configuration for true stereo imaging
  • Video resolution of 720p at 30 or 60 fps or 1080p at 30 fps
  • WVGA (standard definition) at 30 or 60 fps is also available for smaller file sizes
  • Get up to 45 minutes of 720p at 30fps video with 2GB SD card
  • Accepts up to a 32GB SDHC cards for 7 hours of 720p at 30fps (Audio at AAC192 kbps)
  • Large 2.4-inch 320 x 240 color LCD display
  • Built-in NTSC/PAL TV and HDMI output
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Video format: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MOV)
  • Audio formats: 44.1/48/96kHz 16/24-bit WAV (PCM) or AAC up to 320kbps
  • Auto Record Level automatically sets audio levels during recordings
  • Uses two standard AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • USB 2.0 with built-in cable
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • Built-in speaker and tripod mount
  • Includes HandyShare editing and YouTube uploader software, Apple Quicktime, 2GB SD card, two AA batteries
  • Optional accessory package (APQ-3HD) includes soft shell case, windscreen, AC adapter, HDMI cable, AV cable and tripod

Taylor 214E Grand Auditorium

Pricelist : Rp. 12.220.000,-

Gloss Sitka spruce top, satin Indian rosewood back and sides, and integrated electronics give the 214E substance and style.

Taylor's 214E-G Grand Auditorium acoustic electric guitar features a desirable gloss finish that you'll take a shine to. The Grand Auditorium was the first guitar shape designed from scratch by Bob Taylor. It was unveiled to commemorate the company's 20th Anniversary in 1994, and since then it has more than lived up to its promise. Although the Taylor GA has the width and depth of a dreadnought, its narrower waist gives it the appearance of a smaller guitar, adds treble "zing" across the guitar's tonal spectrum, sharpens the definition of individual notes, and also enables it to rest comfortably in the lap. Because Taylor removes mass from the width of the GA's braces, the acoustic-electric guitar top moves faster, resulting in a snappy, bell-like tone. The Taylor GA is designed to be a strong fingerpicking guitar that also can handle medium strumming, and is exceptionally versatile.

The Taylor 214E Grand Auditorium guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top, a top-quality wood, known for its balanced tone and clarity. The Indian rosewood back and sides, also premiere wood, produces rich, booming sound, with the perfect element of projection. The 25-1/2" scale, 1-11/16" nut width, and 15" radius adds comfort for intricate movements up and down the ebony fret board.

The NT neck joint fits into a specially cut pocket in the body of the Taylor. The frets are supported equally by the neck, creating a more stable playing surface, one that is continually straight, from the bottom to the top of the neck. The mahogany neck is strong and provides added presence and clarity in the tone, and the ebony bridge and fretboard bring out lasting sustain.

At the heart of the Taylor 214E-G acoustic-electric guitar lies an integrated electronics system, letting you dial in and amplify the guitar quickly and effortlessly. The electronics include bass, treble, and volume controls, for an individualized plugged-in experience. Taylor tuners keep the guitar in precise tuning and chrome hardware add an extra sleek look to this already stunning offering from Taylor. You won't believe the sound. Order now.
Taylor 214E-G Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gloss Finish Features:
  • 6-string
    Grand Auditorium guitar
    Indian rosewood back and sides
    Solid Sitka Spruce top
    25-1/2" scale
    NT neck joint
    Mahogany neck
    Standard Taylor neck shape
    20 frets
    1-11/16" nut width
    15" fretboard radius
    Ebony bridge
    Taylor tuners
    Chrome hardware
    Gloss top, satin back and sides
Taylor 214E Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gloss Finish Includes:
  • Taylor hardshell bag

TAYLOR 912CE Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Natural)

Pricelist : Rp. 54.000.000,-

Its clarity and balance make it perfect for miking and home recording.

Among Taylor's most elite acoustic-electric guitars, the 912ce approaches the pinnacle of guitar design. Skill and craftsmanship are on display at every turn on this incomparable model. The India rosewood used on the back and sides of the 912ce seems like it was created to be on a guitar with its clarity, balance, sustain, and excellent bass response. When paired with a Sitka spruce top, it is an unstoppable combination. Other features of this gorgeous instrument include an ivoroid bound neck and body, an Indian rosewood headstock overlay, pearl 900 series fingerboard inlays, gold Gotoh 510 tuners, and an abalone rosette and purfling.

The Taylor Grand Concert body style defines intimacy in its size and sound. The Grand Concert is dynamically responsive to a lighter touch and is well suited to fingerpicking. With the addition of the Taylor Expression Electronic System and a Venetian cutaway, the 912ce guitar exhibits the rich tone, playability, and versatility needed for live performances.

Using proprietary pickup technology developed at Taylor, the Expression System amplifies your guitar with an unrivaled natural live sound. On-board tone controls provide added flavor, or set for an uncolored exceptionally clean amplified sound. The Taylor Expression System provides the perfect conduit for amplifying the 912ce grand concert's intimate yet full sound. Plugged in or not, this rosewood guitar will fill the room with strong bass response and amazing projection.
Taylor 912ce Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Features:
  • Body Style: 6-String Grand Concert
  • Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
  • Top: Sitka Spruce
  • Rosette: Abalone
  • Neck: Tropical American Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Fretboard Inlay: Pearl 900 Series
  • Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood
  • Binding: Ivoroid
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Nut and Saddle: Bone
  • Tuning Machines: Gotoh 510 Tuners
  • Strings: Elixir Light Gauge Strings with Nanoweb Coating
  • Scale Length: 24-7/8"
  • Truss Rod: Adjustable
  • Neck Width at Nut: 1-3/4"
  • No. of frets: 20
  • Fretboard Radius: 15"
  • Bracing: Standard II (Forward Shifted Pattern W/Relief Rout)
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Cutaway: Venetian
  • Electronics: Taylor Expression System
  • Body Width: 15"
  • Body Depth: 4-3/8"
  • Body Length: 19-1/2"
  • Overall Length: 40-1/2"
  • Case: Taylor Deluxe Hardshell
Taylor 912ce Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Includes:
  • Taylor Deluxe Hardshell case

Taylor 110-CE Dreadnought

Pricelist : Rp 11,500,000.00 

Meet the all-new 100 and 200 Series: Premium guitars that will change your expectations about what a serious entry-level instrument can embody. Featuring solid Sitka spruce tops and either laminated sapele or Indian rosewood back and sides, both series deliver the quality sound and feel youd expect from a Taylor. Now available with Taylors new Under-Saddle Transducer pickup, were raising the bar on our basic guitars.
100 Series
Tone and playability are hallmarks of Taylor guitars, and youll find the 100 Series delivers plenty of each. Sporting a solid Sitka spruce top and sapele laminate back and sides, the redesigned 100 Series now features both Dreadnought and Grand Auditorium shapes, along with cutaway and Taylor guitars electronics options. Value, yes. Compromise, no.
Addition by subtraction. A cutaway adds upper range to Taylors most affordable full-size Dreadnought, while the ES-T pickup primes you for plugging in.

Specifications :

Type/Shape: 6-String Dreadnought
Back & Sides: Sapele Laminate
Top: Sitka Spruce
Soundhole Rosette: Plastic
Neck: Sapele
Fretboard: Ebony
Fretboard Inlay: Pearloid Dots
Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood
Binding: BlackPlastic
Bridge: Ebony
Nut & Saddle: Tusq
Tuning Machines: Enclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated
Strings: ElixirMedium Gauge Strings with NANOWEB Coating
Scale Length: 25 1/2 Inches
Truss Rod: Adjustable
Neck Width at Nut: 111/16 Inches
Number of Frets: 20
Fretboard Radius: 15 Inches
Bracing: X-Brace
Finish: Varnish
Color Options: Natural
Sunburst Options: None
Cutaway: Venetian
Electronics: Taylor ES-T
Left-Handed: Available; No Charge
Body Width: 16 Inches
Body Depth: 4 5/8 Inches
Body Length: 20 Inches
Overall Length: 41 Inches

Taylor 214CE Grand Auditorium

Pricelist : Rp. 13.550.000,-

Spesifications :
Type/Shape: 6-String Grand Auditorium
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood Laminate
Top: Sitka Spruce
Soundhole Rosette: Plastic
Neck: Sapele
Fretboard: Ebony
Fretboard Inlay: Pearloid Dots
Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood
Binding: White Plastic
Bridge: Ebony
Nut & Saddle: Tusq
Tuning Machines: Enclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated
Strings: Elixir Light Gauge Strings with NANOWEB Coating
Scale Length: 25 1/2 Inches
Truss Rod: Adjustable
Neck Width at Nut: 1 11/16 Inches
Number of Frets: 20
Fretboard Radius: 15 Inches
Bracing: X-Brace
Finish: Satin
Cutaway: Venetian
Electronics: Taylor ES-T Pickup
Body Width: 16 Inches
Body Depth: 4 5/8 Inches
Body Length: 20 Inches
Overall Length: 41 Inches
Case: Taylor Hardshell Bag
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 48 x 21 x 9 in

TAYLOR NS24-CEG Akustik Elektrik Guitar

Product Description

This rosewood laminate Grand Auditorium blends nylon's tonal nuances with Taylor playability and features a cutaway and ES-T under-saddle pickup, all at an enticing price point.Grand Auditorium body The GA is Taylor's most versatile and popular shape, excelling at light-touch fingerstyle to full-blown strumming. Great for using a mic and recording, the Taylor GA guitar's balanced mid range and bright tone exemplify the Taylor voice. The cutaway also provides plenty of comfort and range when accessing the nylon-string guitar's upper-register of the fretboard. Solid Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood laminate back and sides The beauty of Indian rosewood is captivating on the Taylor acoustic electric guitar. The laminate back and sides are paired with a solid Sitka spruce top, producing a full, rich tone with ample volume, resonance, and sustain. Taylor ES-T electronics system Developed by the same Taylor team that invented the Expression System pickup, the Taylor ES-T under-saddle transducer takes piezo technology to another level. The system features onboard bass, treble, and volume controls, plus custom-voiced EQ and dynamic response to naturally capture the nylon-string voice.Finish Breathtaking finish options and ecologically-sound technology is what the Taylor finishing department is focused on. Whether you prefer natural wood, brilliant colors, or exquisite sunbursts, the gloss finish on the Taylor NS24-CE-G nylon-string guitar is the thinnest and most durable available today.One of the pleasures of living in the modern acoustic guitar era is the diverse palette of tonal flavors available to players. Taylor guitars from the Nylon Series represent the next generation of nylon tone, used not just for traditional classical or Spanish-tinged music, but in virtually every contemporary genre, from rock and pop to jazz and world music. With a cutaway and a 1-7/8" neck, Taylor's nylons offer steel-string acoustic players a smooth crossover to a fresh...

  • Specifications -
  • Type/Shape - 6-String Grand Auditorium
  • Back & Sides - Indian Rosewood Laminate
  • Top - Sitka Spruce
  • Soundhole Rosette - Mexican Cypress

TAYLOR NS24E Akustik Elektrik Guitar

Taylor NS24-E Nylon Series Acoustic/Electric, Grand Auditorium
Taylor's model nylon menawarkan keistimewaan suara klasik, namun modern, dengan sentuhan nuansa Taylor steel-string.

Sepasang dari lapisan rosewood model digabungkan dengan seri nylon,
membuat Taylor nylon string yang lebih terjangkau dibandingkan dengan
yang lainnya.

Tersedia pilihan model cutaway NS24ce dan non-cutaway NS24e.
Masing-masing adalah Grand Auditorium shape dan fitur satin finish
India rosewood melapisi bagian belakang dan bagian samping dengan solid
Sitka spruce pada bagian atas, dengan Taylor's ES-T® under-saddle

Dengan ultra-playable 1 7/8-inch neck dan onboard elektronik, nylon ini
menawarkan kenyamanan, “performance-ready alternative” sampai ke
tradisional wide neck gitar klasik.

Model Names
Model Line
Nylon Series Acoustic/Electric
Key Points
Rosewood laminate back/sides
Taylor ES-T® pickup
Cutaway and non-cutaway models


Model NS24e

Body Grand Auditorium
Back/Sides Indian Rosewood laminate
Top Solid Sitka Spruce
Cutaway Venetian (NS24ce)
Rosette Mexican Cypress / Myrtle
Peghead Slot Head with Rosewood overlay
Peghead Logo Maple
Finish Satin
Neck Tropical Mahogany
Nut Width 1 7/8”
Binding Black
Fretboard Ebony
Inlays None
No. of frets 20
Scale Length 25 1/2”
Body Length 20”
Body Width 16”
Body Depth 4 5/8”
Nut/Saddle TUSQ
Tuning Machines Ping Classical Chrome with cream buttons
Bridge Ebony
Pickguard None
Electronics Taylor ES-T under-saddle
Strings D’Addario Classical Extra Hard Tension
Introduced 3rd Quarter 2009
Case Taylor Black

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Pricelist : Rp. 4.875.000,-
18 inch - LF Drivers
  • 2400 W continuous program power capacity
  • 100 mm (4 in) copper voice coil
  • 35 - 1000 Hz response
  • 97 dB sensitivity
  • Aluminium demodulating ring allows a very low distortion figure
  • Double silicone spider with optimized compliance
  • Ventilated voice coil gap for reduced power compression


  • 460 mm (18 in)
    Nominal Diameter
  • 8 ohm
    Nominal Impedance
  • 6.2 ohm
    Minimum Impedance
  • 2400 W
    Continuous Power Handling
  • 1200 W
    Nominal Power Handling (AES)
  • 97 dB
    Sensitivity (1W/1m)
  • 35 - 1000 Hz
    Frequency Range
  • 100 mm (4 in)
    Voice Coil Diameter
  • Copper
    Winding Material
  • Glass Fibre
    Former Material
  • Ceramic Ring
    Magnet Material
  • 25 mm (1 in)
    Winding Depth
  • 12 mm (0.5 in)
    Magnetic Gap Depth
  • 1.1 T
    Flux Density


  • Triple Roll
    Surround Shape
  • Radial
    Cone Shape
  • Ceramic Ring
    Magnet Type
  • Double Silicone
  • T-Pole
    Pole Design
  • 200 dm3 (7.06 ft3)
    Recommended enclosure volume
  • 34 Hz
    Recommended tuning frequency


  • 34 Hz
  • 5.1 ohm
  • 0.37
  • 7.2
  • 0.35
  • 212 dm3 (7.50 ft3)
  • 1210 cm2 (187.60 in2)
  • 2.2 %
  • ± 9 mm
  • ± 11 mm
  • 209 g
  • 25.5 Txm
  • 1.6 mH
  • 91 Hz

Mounting and Shipping info

  • 460 mm (18 in)
    Overall Diameter
  • 440 mm (17.3 in)
    Bolt Circle Diameter
  • 422 mm (16.6 in)
    Baffle Cutout Diameter
  • 209 mm (8.2 in)
  • 16 mm (0.62 in)
    Flange and Gasket Thickness
  • 10.5 dm3 (0.37 ft3)
    Air volume occupied by driver
  • 13 kg (28.6 lb)
    Net Weight
  • 14.4 kg (31.7 lb)
    Shipping Weight
  • 500x500x250 mm (19.7x19.7x9.8 in)
    Shipping Box

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hardee HB-204 White

Price: Rp.1,700,000.00 

Hardee HB-204 White

LINE 6 POD Studio™ KB37

List price : Rp.4.698.000,00
"SALE" Price : Rp.3.993.300,00
You save : Rp. 704.700 (15%)

POD Studio™ KB37 is a powerful USB interface that boasts a versatile a 37-key MIDI controller, a comprehensive I/O and the stunning sound of POD Farm™ 2.

POD Farm 2.5 features every model necessary for pro-sounding recordings. It features over 80 immortal and fully adjustable guitar amps from vintage classics to must-have modern monsters, plus bass amps, stompboxes, preamps and more to deliver legendary POD® tone to your DAW.

Versatile and powerful, POD Studio™ KB37 boasts an intuitive control surface that gives you full authority over your music. The velocity-sensitive keyboard has 37 full-sized keys that are solid and responsive to the touch. Pitchbend and mod wheels, octave up/down buttons, and a full collection of software-assignable controls including buttons, knobs and VU meters, provide expanded control.

KB37’s comprehensive analog and digital I/O features a 1/4-inch guitar input (normal or pad), two balanced XLR inputs with high-quality mic preamps, an S/PDIF digital output, 1/4-inch analog outs, expression pedal jacks and more for a truly pro recording experience.

Key Features :
  • KB37 provides the lowest noise for recording guitar with 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces
  • Pro quality up to 24-bit 96 kHz recording
  • Exclusive ToneDirect monitoring virtually eliminates latency and allows you to record and monitor a fully processed tone
  • POD Farm plug-in provides 18 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 5 bass amps, 5 bass cabs, 64 stompbox and studio effects (with free FX Junkie model pack) and 6 mic preamps! (POD Farm is Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible)
  • Software bundle includes Ableton® Live Lite Line 6 Studio Edition 16-track recording software, Reason® Adapted production software, RiffWorks™ T4 recording software for instant idea capture
  • 37 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, pitch bend wheel, octave up/down buttons, software-assignable controls: mod wheel, sound select next/previous buttons, 5x transport buttons, 4x buttons, 4x knobs, assignable VU meters
  • 1/4-inch guitar input (with -10 dB pad switch), 2x balanced XLR ins with preamps, and trim knobs, 2x 1/4-inch line ins, 1/4-inch stereo monitor in, 2x footswitch jacks, 2x 1/4-inch balanced stereo line outs, S/PDIF digital out, 1/4-inch headphone out
  • +48V phantom power
  • Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0

Monday, February 24, 2014


Pricelist : Rp. 3.505.000,-

The WMS 40 Mini2 Vocal Set Dual ensures brilliant sound and ease of use at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, most realistic sound at any time.
The SR 40 Mini2 receiver provides three status LEDs each for channels 1 and 2, indicating ON/OFF status, received signal strength (RF OK), and audio clipping (AF CLIP). The VOLUME control sets the level at the ¼" output jack.
Each receiver comes with a universal 12-V switched mode power supply with EU, UK, and US adapters. The illuminated ON/OFF button switches both channels on and off simultaneously.
The rugged HT 40 Mini handheld transmitter features an ON/OFF/MUTE switch and a sturdy wire-mesh cap protecting the cardioid dynamic microphone element. Battery life is the same legendary 30 hours off a single AA battery as for the standard WMS 40 models, reducing the need to replace batteries and thus saving real money in the long run.
The system includes an SR 40 MINI2 receiver, 2 HT 40 MINI handheld transmitters, a universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapters, and 2 AA size dry batteries.


TV, motion picture, video production
Live applications
ENG/EFP (Outdoor)

C 1000 S

  • Battery status LED for reliable monitoring of remaining battery life
  • Can be powered by internal 9 V battery or by phantom power (9-52 V DC)
  • PPC 1000 allows the microphone to be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid pickup pattern
  • Presence Boost Adapter PB 1000 is included for high-end enhancement
The versatility of the C 1000 S makes this an extremely popular model, and one ideally suited for all kinds of recording and live sound applications.
If no phantom power is available, the mic can be powered by a standard 9 V battery, making it perfect for mobile use. With its new battery monitoring electronics, the C 1000 S now features a reliable LED warning light. The red LED above the the microphone switch lights up when the remaining battery life falls below 45 minutes. The polar pattern can quickly be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid simply by attaching the PPC 1000 Polar Pattern Converter provided to the microphone capsule. The PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter also supplied with the C 1000 S adds 3 to 5 dB of high-end enhancement between 5 and 9 kHz, improving clarity of speech and adding definition to instrument sounds.

Polar patterncardioid, or hypercardioid (with PPC 1000 attached)
Frequency range50 to 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity6 mV/Pa (-44 dBV)
Max. SPL137 dB (k=1%)
Equivalent noise level (IEC 60268-4)32 dB
Equivalent noise level21 dB-A
Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted)73 dB
Impedance200 ohms
Recommended load impedance>=2.000 ohms
Supply voltage9 to 52 V phantom power to DIN 45596 or internal 9 V battery (6F 22)
Poweringapprox. 2 mA
Connector3-pin XLR
Finishmatte silver enamel
Net weight320 g / 11.3 oz.
Shipping weight650 g / 1.4 lbs.
Patent(s)Electrode support for condenser transducer (Patent no. AT 392.182, DE 4.021.661)
Frequency curve and polar pattern

Price : Rp. 2.401.000,-

AKG Perception 220 Recording Microphone

Pricelist : Rp. 3.246.000
Acoustic instruments
Guitar and bass amps
Live sound
Studio applications

Perception 220

  • One-inch large-diaphragm, true condenser cardioid transducer
  • Rugged all-metal body
  • Roadworthy construction
  • Switchable 20 dB preattenuation pad
  • Switchable bass cut filter
  • Legendary AKG sound quality
  • Designed and engineered by AKG in Vienna, Austria
  • Comes with spider-type shock mount and aluminium carrying case
The Perception 220 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone offering outstanding build quality and excellent value. Its many useful features and included accessories make this microphone uncommonly versatile. It delivers a classic warm, clear sound and conforms to the stringent standards defined for AKG recording products. These standards are based on AKG´s six decades of experience in making microphones and on input from sound engineers around the world who use AKG products every day.
Its 1-inch large-diaphragm true condenser transducer brings AKG studio quality to the project studio as well as all other areas of recording and live sound applications. A switchable bass cut filter and preattenuation pad make it perfectly suited even for use on loud sound sources producing sound pressure levels up to 155 dB SPL. The rugged and roadworthy design makes it also a perfect choice for on-stage applications. The Perception 220 comes with a spider-type shock mount and a rugged metal case.


Price : Rp. 2.670.000,-

Bass instruments
Live applications

D 112

  • Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone for bass instruments
  • Extremely high SPL capability
  • Classic microphone for stage and studio applications
The D 112 has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. Heavy-footed drummers won’t faze it, because the D 112 handles up to 160 dB SPL with no audible distortion.
A specially engineered diaphragm with a very low resonance frequency maintains solid and powerful response below 100 Hz, while a narrow band presence rise at 4 kHz punches through dense mixes with little or no added EQ.
The result is a kick drum sound that ideally balances precise definition and forceful impact. The D 112 is also an excellent choice for use with bass cabinets, trombones, etc.
Built in windscreen, SA 60 stand adapter included.

Polar patterncardioid
Frequency range20 to 17,000 Hz
Sensitivity1,8 mV/Pa (-75 dBV)
Max. SPLoutside measurement range
Equivalent noise level73 dB -A
Impedance210 ohms
Recommended load impedance>=600 ohms
Connector3-pin XLR
Finishdark gray metallic enamel
Dimensions150 x 70 x 115 mm / 5.9 x 2.8 x 4.5 in.
Net weight380 g / 13.4 oz.
Shipping weight990 g / 2.2 lbs.

AKG Perception 820 Tube Single Recording Microphone

Pricelist : Rp. 9.111.000,-

Professional studio recording
Lead vocals
Lead instruments
Guitar and bass amps

Perception 820 Tube

  • Two back-to-back one-inch large diaphragms featuring True Condenser Technology
  • An ECC 83 dual-triode tube circuitry emphasizes even-order harmonics for rich, smooth and three-dimensional sound
  • The elegant remote control unit allows selection of 9 different pickup patterns from omnidirectional to cardioid to figure 8
  • The switchable bass cut filter (80 Hz, 12 dB/oct) reduces unwanted rumble or footfall noise
  • A 20 dB attenuation pad enables for high SPL applications up to 155 dB
  • Brush-finished, anodized Aluminium front plate and all-metal housing for maximum shielding
  • A ground lift switch prevents unwanted hum if necessary
  • Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria
In 2005 AKG has launched the very first Perception models – a completely new series of microphones showing legendary AKG Sound & Quality at an outstanding price level.
The brand-new Perception 820 Tube delivers real tube sound quality. It is not only the new flagship model of the Perception Series but also raises the bar in its class of affordable tube microphones.
In contrast to many other affordable tube microphones, the Perception 820 Tube delivers real tube sound quality thanks to the dual one-inch large diaphragm capsule and the sophisticated ECC 83 dual-triode circuitry.
The elegant remote control unit allows selection of 9 different pickup patterns and controls the switchable bass-cut filter and the attenuation pad. Moreover, a ground lift switch prevents unwanted hum if necessary.
It comes complete with a spider-type shock mount and a metal carrying case.
AKG’s industry–leading Perception Series of condenser microphones are recognized for their outstanding quality and versatile capabilities at an affordable price.
The Perception 820 Tube raises the bar in its class – It shows real tube sound, the highest dynamic range, the most comprehensive features and comes complete with useful accessories at an unbeatable price.


Home recording
Musical instruments

K 77

  • Closed-back circumaural headphones
  • Excellent comfort
The newly designed K 77 are cost-efficient headphones for various applications.
These closed-back headphones are an all-round performer with solid bass and clean highs at a valuable price.
A self-adjusting headband, leatherette earpads, and gimbal suspension ensure excellent comfort.

Service documentation (PDF, 77,65 KB)

Price : Rp. 811.000,-


Home recording
Project studios

K 44

  • Closed back circumaural headphones
The K 44 are cost-efficient headphones for different applications, like Project Studios and Home Recording.
These closed-back headphones are a true all-round performer with solid bass and clean highs at a value price.
The AKG self-adjusting headband, leatherette ear pads, and gimbal suspension ensure good comfort.

Cut sheet (PDF, 215,3 KB)



  • 30 Mhz selection bandwidth (depending on local frequency plans)
  • 8 hours of operation with a single aa size battery
  • Gain control on handheld transmitter
  • Low battery indicator
  • Noiseless on/off/mute switch on handheld transmitter
The Perception Wireless Vocal Set delivers brilliant sound and is surprisingly easy to use.
The SR 45 receiver provides professional XLR and ¼” jack outputs. The audio level and squelch threshold are adjustable on the receiver.
The handheld transmitter features a spring-steel wire mesh front grill to protect the dynamic transducer from the hardships of onstage use. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback and makes your voice cut through any mix.
The system includes an SR 45 receiver, HT 45 handheld transmitter, universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter, SA 45 stand adapter, and one AA size dry battery.

Consumer Alert (for US users) Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: The system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device.
Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change. For more information, call the FCC at 1-888- CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC’s wireless microphone website at

User manual (PDF, 5,37 MB)
Quick Start Guide (PDF, 5,87 MB)
Cut sheet (PDF, 2,11 MB)
Folder (PDF, 5,37 MB)
Perception Wireless Overview
AKG Frequency Management Program

Price : Rp. 3.155.000,-

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Pricelist : Rp. 1.899.000,-

Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

Audio-Technica's flagship studiophones offer maximum isolation, an exceptionally natural response and very high SPL capabilities while maintaining clarity of sound throughout their extended range. The headphones feature propriety large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems for ultra-efficient signal transfer.


Collapsible design for easy storage
Proprietary 45 mm large-aperture neodymium drivers
Closed-back cushioned earcup for maximum isolation
Single-sided coiled cable terminates to gold-plated mini-plug with screw-on 6.3 mm (1/4") adapter


    YAMAHA BR15 Loudspeakers

    Pricelist : Rp. 2.790.000,- perbuah.

    Direct Descendents of the Legendary Concert Club Series
    Cost effective loudspeakers for performing musicians, schools and small churches

    While maintaining the great sound of the Concert Club series, the BR series provides cost-effective speakers in three configurations to match a wide range of applications. Inheriting the excellent portability and placement flexibility that characterized previous models in the series, and featuring the same tasteful design and powerful sound, the BR series is a great choice for bands, clubs, halls, rehearsal studios, retail or school events … anywhere you need great sound in a medium-scale application.


    The new BR-Series from Yamaha combines affordability with high performance.

    Five BR models are designed to fit the budgets of performing musicians, small churches, and schools, while delivering the full frequency response and high output of more costly systems. Although their "BR" prefix was chosen to represent "bass reflex," it also proves very appropriate for describing the line's advanced feature set...

    Built Right...Combining our knowledge of acoustics and advanced computer controlled woodworking, Yamaha crafts the BR line of sound reinforcement loudspeakers for both great sound and affordability. High power woofers provide amazing punch, and a pure titanium 1" compression driver assures excellent high frequency performance. Each model's large steel handles, corner protectors, and built-in pole sockets, assure both durability and flexibility.

    Better Response...BR cabinets are carefully designed for the best balance of small, easy to handle size and great low-frequency response, using Bass Reflex technology. High-frequency response is also enhanced with a new titanium HF driver and 90° by 40° non-resonant horn.

    Best Reliability...All BR-Series models are covered by a three-year warranty. With integral protection circuitry built into the passive crossover, you can expect a long life of high output and minimal distortion.

    Whichever model you choose, your message is sure to be heard using BR-Series loudspeakers...and you can take the savings to the bank!


    A large non-resonant, constant-directivity horn provides even 90° x 40° high-frequency dispersion.

    Superior Audio Quality with Titanium HF Drivers

    The BR series speakers were developed and are produced in the USA to carry on the proven audio quality and reliability of Yamaha's acclaimed Concert Club series. Using parts and components carefully selected for audio quality and reliability, Yamaha has optimized critical design parameters to achieve astounding sound at a very affordable price. In particular, the excellent low-frequency response produced by the bass-reflex system and the broad 90° x 40° high-frequency coverage provided by the titanium-dome horn tweeter are the result of painstaking tuning that achieves an outstanding balance between portability and size.


    Steel corner protectors keep your cabinets free from dings and damage associated with frequent transport.

    Ideal for EMX Series Powered Mixers and P Series Power Amps

    The BR series speakers provide dual phone jacks for input and parallel connection. You can set up a simple but high-performance PA system just by connecting a pair of these speakers to an EMX series powered mixer. Or you could use BR series speakers in conjunction with P series power amplifiers and an MG series mixing console to create a range of very versatile live sound systems. The YSP (Yamaha Speaker Processing) switch provided on EMX series mixers and P series amplifiers can be used to achieve optimum matching for significantly enhanced sound.


    Large metal handles mounted at each cabinet's center of gravity make them very easy to carry.

    Simple but Sophisticated Design

    The BR series carries on the simple yet sophisticated design of the Concert Club series. The front grille has been enhanced in terms of both design and durability. In addition to a carpeted finish, the tough exterior features steel corner protectors and heavy duty metal handles for improved portability. The BR series was designed for the rigors of daily use in a portable sound reinforcement system.


    All models, including the monitors, come with stand/pole sockets for flexibility of use.

    Speaker Stand Pole Socket on All Models

    All models - front as well as foldback - feature pole sockets for use with speaker stands. These units will fit on standard 1-3/8 inch (35 mm) diameter speaker stands for easy positioning in a wide range of applications.

    PMG BR15

    15" (38cm) High Power Woofer 1" (25mm) Pure Titanium Compression Driver 98 dB Sensitivity Strong Steel Handles Stand/pole socket 400 Watt Program/ 800 Watt Peak Power Handling 


    Woofers 15"
    Tweeter (diaphragm) 1" titanium
    Frequency Response (-10dB) 60Hz-20kHz
    Power Handling (noise*, program, peak) (*-EIA RS-426) 200/400/800 Watts
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Sensitivity (1 W, 1m) 98dB
    Dimensions W x H x D (approx) 19" x 25 3/4" x 14 1/2"
    Weight (lbs.) 46.9


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