Thursday, September 5, 2013


Pricelist : Rp. 17.300.000,-

The ARX EQ260 is a Dual Channel 30 band Graphic Equalizer designed to give you the flawless professional performance you demand, yet take up minimal rack space. It is neatly housed in a compact 3 RU all steel chassis.
Quality you can feel as well as hear
Each channel on the silver grey front panel features 30 of our new Extended Resolution long throw, centre grounding faders, switchable to either ±15dB or ±6dB, for the ideal combination of high fader resolution and maximum cut and boost. A protective dust cover is also fitted to each fader.
As well, there is a Gain recovery control with up to +10 dB of gain; a Clip LED to indicate circuit overload, a sweepable 20-200Hz High Pass filter, and an IN/OUT hardwire bypass switch which removes the EQ260 completely from the signal path.

Accurate Constant Q Circuitry
Internally, the EQ260 features innovative Constant Q circuitry. What makes this so good? Well, it means that the graphical representation of the sliders on the front panel more accurately reflects the changes you make to the sound, as compared to traditional EQ designs.
In other words,
'what you see is what you get.' Combine this circuitry with the 60 individual filters in the EQ260, and you have an equalizer that is unsurpassed for total accuracy.
Additionally, at the 0dB slider position each filter is, in effect, removed from the circuit to further enhance the EQ260's low noise figures.

Balanced Inputs and Outputs
On the rear panel, the EQ260 has true differential Balanced Inputs and Servo Balanced Outputs, on both XLR as well as convenient TRS jack connectors.
There is also an audio ground lift switch to isolate the audio ground from the chassis ground.

Universal AC Power
AC power range is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V AC, and is connected to the unit via a removable power lead and standard 3 pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage switch.
At ARX, we know that there's no shortage of other Equalizers out there! But we believe the ARX EQ260 delivers superlative, uncompromising audio quality that will truly enhance any pro audio application. Its accuracy, compact High Density design, cool good looks, and most of all its superb sound will make it the dual channel graphic equalizer of choice for demanding engineers around the world.


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