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Price:Rp 13,860,000
Special Price: Rp 11,250,000
You Save:Rp   2,610,000

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A World of Magical Music

Continuing a long tradition of successful world-music products, Roland proudly announces the BK-5 OR, addressing the sounds of the Middle East as well as Turkey and North Africa. The BK-5 OR retains all characteristics and features of the recently announced BK-5 and adds newly created sounds and rhythms.
* Sold exclusively in Europe and Middle East.
  • - Sounds and rhythms from the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa
  • - 12 scale-tuning buttons with dedicated scale memories
  • - Instant playback of backing tracks directly from USB memory
  • - Friendly graphical user interface
  • - Onboard effects, including reverb, chorus, EQ, multi-band compressor, and dozens of multi-effects
  • - Video output to share SMF/MP3 Lyrics with friends or the audience on an external screen


  • BK-5

Sounds and Rhythms

The BK-5 OR is loaded with dozens of expressive and exotic new instruments, drum sounds, and rhythms from the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa regions.

Scale Tuning Controls

For fast and easy control of scale tunings, the BK-5 OR is equipped with 12 front-panel buttons to instantly manage each note of a scale, plus three buttons for storing/recalling the related settings.

Rhythm Composer

The onboard Rhythm Composer can instantly add rhythmic backing tracks to your music. Additional rhythms can be imported from USB memory. More than one drum track can be used for rhythms and SMFs.

Audio Recorder

The BK-5 OR lets you record directly to a USB memory. It's a great way to listen back and evaluate your performances, and share your creations with others.

USB Accompaniment

Add full backing accompaniment to your performances directly from USB Flash memory. The BK-5 OR lets you import and control rhythm files, SMFs, MP3s, and WAV files.
61 keys (with velocity)
160 x 160 dots Graphic LCD (with backlit)

Sound Generator

Max. Polyphony
128 voices (GM2/GS/XGlite compatible)
Over 1,100 tones
Over 50 Drum Sets
Multitimbral parts
3 keyboard parts (UP1, UP2, LWR) + 16 song parts
Master Tuning
415.3 to 466.2 Hz
Key Control (Transpose)
–6 to +5 in semitones (for audio/MIDI data)
Tempo change
20 to 250 BPM for SMF and rhythms
75 to 125% for mp3 and WAV files
Part mute functions


Keyboard parts (UP1, UP2, LWR), Rhythms/SMF section
Reverb: 8 types (selectable via Makeup Tools)
Chorus: 8 types (selectable via Makeup Tools)
MFX: 84 types for keyboard parts (selectable via Tone Part MFX), A & B for rhythm and SMF section (selectable via Makeup Tools)
Parametric EQ: 6 presets + 1 User memory
Multi-band compressor: 6 presets + 1 User memory

Rhythm section

Over 250 in 6 “Rhythm” families (localized rhythms for specific areas are included)
Rhythm Composer
Internal Rhythm Composer, SMF-to-Rhythm Converter provided as PC application (Windows)
on the bundled CD-ROM
One Touch memories
4 programmable registrations per rhythm
Rhythm Makeup Tools
Instrument-oriented editing


Real-time player
SMF (Format 0/1), KAR, mp3, WAV, mp3+CDG
Song chord extractor
Automatic chord detection for SMF files
SMF Makeup Tools
Instrument-oriented editing

Oriental tunings

MEMORY buttons
1, 2, 3 (storage of three USER SCALE sets of frequently used settings)
USER SCALE buttons
Instant quarter-tone tuning of each note of a scale (C to B).
Adjustable tuning range (–64 to +63 cent) for each button.
Tunings can also be saved to Performance memories.

Performance Memories

Performance Lists
Unlimited number (storage on USB memory)
Over 500 “Music Assistant” memories (internal memory)
5 “Factory Song” memories (internal memory)
Performance memories per List
Max. 999
Search function
Quick location of SMF, audio and JPG files on the connected USB memory




USB Flash memory
Save format
Audio files: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)


SMF, mp3/WAV, mp3+CDG
Slide shows
Picture folder linked to songs (recommended resolution: 512 x 384 or 1024 x 768 pixels)

Panel controls

Rotary encoder


PHONES jack x2
Stereo 1/4” phone type
Stereo miniature phone type
AUDIO OUTPUT jacks (L/Mono, R/Mono)
1/4” phone type
USB ports
USB COMPUTER connector (Type A, reception and transmission of MIDI data)
USB MEMORY (Type B, data storage devices)
MIDI connectors
MIDI IN, MIDI OUT (Visual Control function)
RCA-type (CVBS, PAL or NTSC – selectable)
Foot pedal jacks

General specifications

10 cm x 2
Rated power output
12 W x 2
Power supply
AC adaptor
Power consumption
1,100 mA
Auto Off function
Off, 10 min, 30 min, 240 min


Owner's Manual, AC adaptor, Power cord (for connecting the AC adaptor), Music
rest, CD-ROM (Style Converter 4.0, USB driver)

Options (sold separately)

USB Flash memory (M-UF-series)
DP-series/BOSS FS-5U foot switch
Roland EV-series expression pedal

Size and Weight (Without music rest)

Width (W)
1,044 mm41-1/8 inches
Depth (D)
317 mm12-1/2 inches
Height (H)
129 mm5-1/8 inches
7.5 kg16 lbs. 9 oz.
Weight excluding AC adaptor and music rest

Size and Weight (Including music rest)

Width (W)
1,044 mm41-1/8 inches
Depth (D)
317 mm12-1/2 inches
Height (H)
301 mm11-7/8 inches
7.5 kg16 lbs. 9 oz.
Weight excluding AC adaptor and music rest

Friday, August 23, 2013

Yamaha BB1024X Electric 4-String Bass

Pricelist : Rp. 7.980.000,-

BB1024X incorporates many of the same features found in the BB2000 series such as, spline joint body and 5-piece neck, diagonal body thru stringing, newly developed pickups and bridge. This bass gives strong presence in sound with defined low end.

Spline Joint

BB1024X has employed a 3-piece body structure with which its bridge is placed on the center piece in order to translate the maximum amount of string vibration to the body. Instead of simply gluing wood pieces, we insert a Maple plate, called "Spline", into a slot on its joint sections. By doing that, Yamaha has succeeded in obtaining as much body vibration as 1-piece body with this 3-piece body structure.

Diagonal Body Thru Stringing

In Diagonal Body Thru Stringing, strings are angled 45 degreed at the saddle to reduce the stress and secure their tension. Moreover, because the attachment area of strings to saddles is larger than conventional vertical stringing, much better transmission of vibration is obtained.


Both front and rear pickups are specially invented for this particular series. Pursuing ultimate passive sound, "Open Face Pickups" are used to cope with even aggressive picking of rock players.

5-Piece Neck

These necks consist of Maple and Nato. It provides durability and prevents necks from warping and curling.

Nickel Silver Nut

Nickel Silver is selected for nut. It is the same material with fret wires. Unlike conventional bone or artificial ivory nut, it gives the same sound quality and feeling even when open notes are played. For any bass players it is a crucial part of well-defined low end.

General specifications

Construction Bolt-On
Scale Length 34'' (863.6mm)
Fingerboard Rosewood
Radius 10" (250mm)
Frets 21
Body Alder (Spline Joint)
Neck Maple/ Nato 5pcs
Bridge Vintage Plus (Brass Saddle, Steel Plate)
Pickups Neck: Split Blade (Alnico V), Bridge: Single Blade (Ceramic)
Pickup Switch 3P Toggle Switch
Controls Master Volume, Master Tone

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Soundcraft Si Expression 3 - 32 faders Digital Mixer

Pricelist : Rp. 56.980.000,-

Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the field of digital audio mixing, the Soundcraft® Si Expression exploits some of the newest DSP, component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver our most powerful cost effective digital console ever! Each console in the range is identical in its feature set so your only choice is how many faders and local mic amps you want. With a range covering the super portable 19" rack mount Expression 1 to the mighty Si Expression 3 with its 30+2 faders and 32 mic/line inputs there is a model to meet all needs.

Taking the Si Expression 2 as a typical example, it features 24 recallable mic pre amps (32 on Si Expression 3 and 16 on Si Expression 1) plus 4 line inputs, 4 internal stereo FX returns, AES in, and a 64x64 expansion slot offering more than enough scope to use every one of the 66 input processing channels. Every input processing channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor and four band EQ whilst keeping it under control is a comprehensive automation system augmented with four mute groups and FaderGlow to light the way so you are never lost.

All Si Expression consoles have busses, output processing and connectivity to match the versatility of the inputs; the 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes, 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes or almost anything in between, whilst the 4 matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four more mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors all in addition to the left, right and centre busses. Each bus mix features a compressor, 4 band EQ, BSS graphic EQ and delay always available all of the time. Output connectivity is comprehensive with all models featuring 16 balanced line outputs, headphone monitor out, AES out and of course the 64x64 option slot.

To complement the channel and bus processing all Si Expression consoles integrate four stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the MX400 providing a wealth of sounds, user adjustable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo keys. As the FX are hardware based, use of all the effects, even on the most demanding programmes does not affect other processing in any way and all dynamics, EQs, filters, delays, and GEQs remain available regardless what you are doing.

Flexible onboard and expansion I/O options ensure your Si Expression integrates effortlessly with other system components utilising any of the Si series option cards including AES, Firewire/USB/ADAT*1, AVIOM, CobraNet, BSS Digital Audio Bus (BLU Link)*1, Dante*1 CAT5 or optical MADI. The MADI card, as well as being an interface to multi-track recording systems or plug-in systems like Waves, enables linking the Si Expression to any of the Soundcraft or Studer stageboxes to extend the I/O power and flexibility. Adding a stagebox to an Si Expression actually increases the number of channels you can mix at once not just how many inputs you have available to choose from! It is said ‘Power is nothing without control’ and here the Si Expression excels with a comprehensive but 'simple to use' control surface incorporating a dedicated control for every parameter, a row of global mode encoders and colour touch screen ensuring operation is quick and easy.

As you would expect from any Soundcraft digital mixer the facilities are extensive and include legendary audio quality courtesy of the latest generation EMMA DSP processor, the same DSP platform that has helped propel previous Soundcraft Si series consoles to fame. All this power united with reliability, flexibility and usability puts the Si Expression in a class of its own. 

Si Expression Highlights
D.O.G.S. (Direct Out Gain Stabiliser) – Prevents manual change of a mic gain control affecting direct out levels, perfect when 2 consoles share a stagebox or when recording the channel direct outputs.
Security Lockout – Lock the whole console or just selected elements, manage the security with the users and profile settings.
Assignable Fader Layers – Customise each of the four fader layer pages to meet your needs or add/insert faders to accommodate that additional mic that was not in the patch list!
Copy & Paste – Copy whole channels, busses, mixes, Lexicon effects, a single part such as the EQ or multiple parts like the channel gate and compressor.
Personal Monitoring Interface – When used with the Si BLU link option card, the Si Expression is a perfect partner to the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitoring System , using simple Cat5 cabling for easy setup.
TOTEM – The One Touch Easy Mix; press a single key to mix to an AUX, FX or Matrix bus, the surface and monitoring instantly reconfigure to allow instant mixing to your chosen bus on the faders.
BSS® GEQ – With a BSS GEQ on every bus there is never any need to assign from a pool of resources and you will never 'run out' of processing.
1 Control = 1 Function – With each control dedicated to a given function there is never any 'layering' of controls or navigating through screens; this allows the Si Expression controls to be labelled on the surface just as they would have been on an analogue mixer.
Global Mode Controls – A row of rotary controls above each fader assignable at the touch of a button to be GAIN, PAN or HPF for all of the inputs allowing instant access to the core functions.
Soundcraft FaderGlow® – Illuminates the fader slots according to function with clearly defined colours for FX, Stereo, Linked Mono, GEQ, POST Fade Aux, PRE Fade Aux; you'll never be lost again!
Instant Access Keys – Dedicated keys on the front panel for STORE, RECALL, NEXT, MUTE 1-4, TAP TEMPO and more negate the need to dive into screen & context menus.
Function Focus – Whenever a control is moved or SELect key pressed the screen displays information about the channel identifying the absolute value of the controls and the channel name, number etc...
Everything Everywhere – All channels and busses have a full complement of processing, nothing to assign or configure.

Key Features
24 (32 - Si Expression 3, 16 – Si Expression 1) mono mic inputs
4 line inputs
Colour touch screen interface
66 channels to mix possible
Pre/Post selection per input per bus
AES in and out
Global mode encoders
Soundcraft FaderGlow
GEQ on every bus
20 sub-group / aux busses
4 FX busses
8 Matrix busses
LR and C Mix busses
4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
Delay on inputs and outputs
4 Mute Groups
Freely assignable insert loops
Harman HiQnet integration
64x64 channel option card slot


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