Friday, September 21, 2012

EPIPHONE John Lennon EJ-160E

John Lennon EJ-160E
No single artist has inspired more players to discover the joys of a great acoustic/electric than John Lennon, who showed the world how to ‘plug in’ an acoustic guitar beginning with The Beatles' first television appearances in the UK in 1963. The rest of the world caught on when John appeared with his Kalamazoo factory-made J-160 "jumbo" in The Beatles' second film, Help! where it was featured in clips for “Help,” "You're Gonna Lose That Girl,” the film's Bahamas-set performance of "Another Girl," and in a memorable rendition of George Harrison's "I Need You," shot on England's Salisbury Plain. John also used his J-160 to compose and record “Give Peace A Chance” (with Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers on rhythm!) at John and Yoko’s historic Bed-in for Peace in Toronto in 1969. Now, Epiphone is proud to offer a re-issue of John Lennon's favorite composing guitar with our Epiphone EJ-160E, with a portion of the proceeds of each guitar being donated to the BMI Foundation, Inc. for the John Lennon Scholarship Fund.

As with all Epiphone instruments, Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Shadow's 5-year warranty (electronics) and is backed by world famous 24/7/365 Gibson Customer Service. It’s one of a kind and so are you! Check out the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E today. 
  • Based on John Lennon’s original 1962 J-160
  • mini humbucker pickup
  • A portion of proceeds donated to John Lennon Scholarship Fund
Topsolid spruce
Bodyselect mahogany
Fingerboard Materialrosewood with Trapezoid inlays
Neck Materialmahogany, Set
Nut Width1.68"
PickupMini Acoustic Humbucker
ControlsMaster Volume, Master Tone


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