Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ROLAND RP201 Piano Digital

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Pro Performance, Perfect Price

Affordable elegance — the new RP201 brings Roland’s superb piano sound and hammer-action keyboard into a compact, classy, and affordable instrument. The gorgeous, grand sound is made all the more realistic by resonance-behavior modeling for string, damper, and key-off. A variety of skill-building features are onboard the RP201, including metronome, recorder, and Twin Piano mode for side-by-side teacher/student sessions. The friendly panel features dedicated buttons for ease of use and fast navigation, while the instrument’s low power consumption makes it more environmentally friendly without sacrificing output level. Two beautiful cabinet finishes, Satin Black and Rosewood, are offered.
  • - Highly acclaimed 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sound
  • - 128-voice polyphony
  • - Damper, String, and Key-Off Resonance
  • - Progressive Hammer-Action alpha ll keyboard
  • - Dedicated front-panel buttons for ease of use
  • - Cabinet finish variation includes popular Satin Black and beautiful Rosewood
  • - Useful music rest with Music Holders
  • - Environment-friendly; low power consumption without sacrificing output level
  • - Metronome, Recorder, and Twin Piano features for skill building

Gorgeous Grand Piano

The RP201 is based on Roland’s acclaimed 88-key stereo multi-sampling, in which the distinctive acoustic properties of each grand-piano key have been faithfully captured. Together with its 128 polyphonic voices, the RP201’s piano engine performs like a true grand. No matter how fast you play or how much sustain pedal you apply, you needn’t worry about note drop-outs.

Resonance Modeling

Resonance-behavior modeling for string, damper, and key-off makes the RP201 all the more natural and realistic. Your pedal positions are detected smoothly, letting you constantly vary the tone by changing pedal depth just like an acoustic grand piano.

Progressive Hammer Action

With its Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard (PHA alpha II), the RP201 has a natural key touch that reproduces the feel and response of an acoustic grand piano. Lower keys are more heavily weighted; as you move up the keyboard, the key weight becomes progressively lighter.

Skill Builders

Onboard the RP201 are useful features for improving your piano skills. The Twin Piano mode splits the keyboard into two identical zones, letting two people sit side by side and play in the same range — great for student/teacher sessions. The onboard metronome and recorder are also great tools for practice.

Friendly to Use, Friendly for the Environment

With the RP201, nothing gets in the way of creativity. The dedicated, easy-to-access front-panel buttons and music holder enhance ease of use. The low power consumption of the instrument is environmentally friendly without sacrificing output level.


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