Thursday, July 19, 2012

PDP by DW Concept Maple (CM7 shown)

PDP by DW Concept Maple (CM7 shown) - Pearlescent Black with Black Hardware

Price List Rp.13.650.000

Concept Series is a new line of PDP drums that are available in both all-maple or all-birch shells. All shells are 7-ply, except for the snare which is 10-ply. Through our research with the DW Custom Shop, we have found some particular detail features that have a big effect on sound and quality. We believe every drummer deserves these features, so we included DW-style STM mounting systems, True Pitch™ tuning, F.A.S.T. tom sizing, proportional counter hoop sizing*, and Remo drum heads. Snare drums come with the DW MAG throw-off and boutique-style copper wires. Bass drums come with die-cast claw hooks, and all drums feature the new retro-inspired dual-turret tube lug.
Concept Maple drums are available in six specialty high-gloss finishes, all with chrome hardware, except for pearlescent black (black hardware).
Concept Birch drums share all of the great features of Concept Maple, but with all-birch shells. They are available in two different configurations with a full range of add-on drums. Choose from two transparent lacquer burst options, both with chrome hardware.

* 7x8" & 8x10" have 1.5mm Counter Hoops
9x12", 12x14", 14x16" have 2.0mm Counter Hoops
5.5x14" Snare has 2.5mm Counter Hoops

Concept Series Features
New Dual-Turret Tube Lug
Dual-Turret Lug
Graduated Counter Hoops
Graduated Counter Hoops
Die-Cast Bass Drum Claw Hooks
Die-Cast Claw Hooks
MAG Throw-Off
MAG Throw-Off
Boutique-Style Copper Snare Wires
Copper Snare Wires
7-ply Maple Shells
7-ply Tom/Kick Shells
10-ply Snare Shells
Complete 7-pc F.A.S.T. Sized Kit
Complete 7-pc
F.A.S.T. Sized Kit
Heads by REMO
Heads by REMO
Suspension Tom Mount System
STM - Suspension Tom
Mount System
True-Pitch™ Tension Rods
True-Pitch™ Tension Rods
Premium Lacquer Finishes
Lacquer Finishes


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