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With the ATK, we took the traditional concept of the bass and turned it up to "11." The result is one of the most straightforward, versatile basses on the market. The ATK's large Ash body plus its conventional neck design will keep "old school" stylists happy. As well, the CAP Double Humbucker gives you three distinct voices at the flick of a switch, allowing you to find the musical sweet spot, no matter what the genre.
Pricelist : Rp. 3.780.000,-


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neck type3pc ATK4 Maple neck
bodyAsh body
fretMedium frets
bridgeATK4 bridge (19mm string spacing)
bridge puCAP-DH bridge pu
equaliserATK N2 3-band eq
stringElixir® strings
hardware colorChrome
Neck Dimension
a : Width at Nut42mm
b : Width at Last Fret63mm
c: Thickness at 1st21mm
d : Thickness at 12th24mm

Know More

CAP Double Humbucker(ATK200)
ATK200 features the original Ibanez CAP Double Humbucker pickup, which offers three distinct sounds for all styles of playing. There are two humbucking coils inside one pickup, which can minimize noise by hum cancelling in each pickup position (neck, bridge and combined.)
With each position, you will get a different tonal character of the ATK200.

Pickup Coil Selector Position

Middle : Bright tones combined with fat, attacking lows, creating a great slap sound.

Neck : Dynamic and strong low frequencies, especially useful for players that use a pick.

Bridge : The smooth and gentle setting. Allows for a comfortable foundation of harmony in a band setting.
ATK Bridge & Thru-body Stringing
The ATK's iconic, metal-plated bridge is capable of producing a bright, massive attack. Thru-body stringing offers enhanced articulation with increased sustain.
Wilkinson Machineheads
Wilkinson open gear tuners prevent drooping of the head caused by a heavy neck and give players comfort and stability in performance.
Medium Fret
Medium-sized frets allow your slides to sound smoother and enables you more options in terms of playability.


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