Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yamaha BB714BS Billy Sheehan Signature Model

Billy Sheehan Signature Model
Designed by Billy Sheehan and Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood, the BB714BS takes all the best features of Billy’s signature bass – the Attitude – and puts them in a package great for any style on any stage.

 The BB714BS was build from the ground up to deliver crushing rock bass tone. Loaded out with a Woofer pickup fitted with a high-cut switch, and a split pickup – the BB714BS offers a tone that is ultra low. This guitar represents a trip back to Billy’s roots, revisiting his first Yamaha model – the BB.

Woofer pickup designed in collaboration with Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood

In addition to the split pickup, the BB714BS carries a specially designed double humbucker installed at the neck position where it generates great low-end tone. The front humbucker is wired through a push-pull high-cut circuit that lets you choose between a traditional “Attutude" neck pickup tone with high-end, or a bass boosted ultralow 60's sound.


Bridge and other hardware are black nickel plated which is in addition to looking great, is good for the environment as well since it has no lead.


Billy's BB 714BS comes with a neck that is slim, trim, and fast. The rosewood on maple neck is thinner and trimmer than the Attitude bass and offers greater playing comfort.


1 : Woofer Pickup Volume 2 : Main Pickup Volume 3 : Master Tone With Push-Pull Switch


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