Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LINE 6 XD-V70 Digital Wireless Microphone System

XD-V70 is a groundbreaking 12-channel digital wireless system. It provides unmatched wireless performance, simplicity and sound on every stage around the world.

XD-V digital wireless microphone systems go above and beyond to deliver superior sound quality.

Superior vocal reproduction.
Amazingly natural, responsive vocal reproduction and transient response. (Do you hear with your eyes? Check out the specs.)

Line 6 modeling and more.
The revolutionary technology that made us famous is now available in our handheld microphones.

4x the signal reliability.
Other wireless systems broadcast a single transmission. If something gets in its way, you're off the air. That's not our idea of reliability.

Hearing is believing.
Line 6 digital wireless microphones deliver natural, responsive vocal reproduction and transient response. Our compander-free designs make sure of that. Full-range frequency response and wide dynamic range are just the tip of the iceberg.

Companders kill.
Around here, "compander" is a dirty word. Many wireless systems require companders to transmit their signals. The problem is that companders kill sound quality by compressing and expanding the signal. Line 6 digital wireless systems - including XD-V digital wireless microphones - have never required companders. Instead they feature 4th-generation digital wireless technology for superior sound quality.

• 24-bit digital converters
• Up to 120 dBA dynamic range compander free
• DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) and PDP™ (Proprietary
Data Placements) technologies eliminate audio
interference and minimize dropouts
• Full bandwidth 10 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
• 12 user-selectable channels (for simultaneous use)
always available, no intermodulation issues. No
scanning for channels is required
• Quick setup, no gain, pads, squelch or level
adjustments necessary
• “Future proof” 2.4 GHz ISM band operation
prevents concerns from DTV/DSO/700 MHz channel
assignments and whitespace devices, and avoids
competition from high-power transmitters such as
commercial TV, mobile phone and public safety
• Real-time LCD indicators display critical performance
data including operating channel, RF status, link
status, battery life and diversity mode
• 2 x AA alkaline batteries provide 8-hour operation on
“high” power (10 hours on low power)

XD-V70 Handheld System
• Handheld transmitter (THH12)
• Mic clip
• Rugged zipper carry case
• Half-rack 12 channel receiver (RX212)
• Power supply (DC-1g); 9V DC/500 mA,
input – 90 – 240 Vac
• Half-wave Rubber Duckie antennas (RDrac), pair
• Rackmount kit (includes short and long rack ear,
mounting screws and dovetail key)
• Front-mount antenna kit (including BNC connectors
and antenna cables)
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