Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ALLEN & HEATH iLive-T112 Digital Mixer

Fixed Format - 28 Faders

• Larger fixed format Surface
• Same control as top of the range, modular iLive-112
• 28 faders – 3 banks, 4 layers = 112 control strips
• 16 in, 12 out audio
• In = 8x TRS line, 4x phono, 2x SPDIF
• Out = 8x TRS line, 2x phono, 1x SPDIF, monitor TRS
• TB mic can be patched to talkback or channels
• ACE™ Surface link (audio and control over single CAT5)
• Built in 2 port Ethernet switch
• MIDI port

iDR MixRacks - iDR 48 

iLive Fixed Format MixRacks - 48 mics
• 8U fixed format MixRack
• 48 mic/line in, 24 XLR out
• 64x32 RackExtra DSP with 8 stereo FX
• ACE™ Surface link plus Port B network option
• Built in 3 port Ethernet switch
• Network bridges to Surface via ACE™
• MIDI and PL-Anet ports
• Built in headphone amp with level control
• External iPS10 redundant power supply option

System Compatibility
With its many models and options providing solutions across a wide range of applications and budgets there is just one system to learn. All iLive models run the same firmware and share the same data file format. The iLive Editor software works with all models. All MixRacks feature the same 64x32 RackExtra DSP engine and provide full processing. The user interface is quick to learn and the same across all models.
So many possibilities… one powerful platform… one system to learn…

USB data transfer
Shows can be configured offline or online and transferred to any system via USB key. Memories are compatible with all iLive hardware and can be created and transferred between any combination of MixRacks, Surfaces and laptop. You can even transfer just current settings or selected Scenes from within a Show file via a filter, ideal for festival mixing where you do not want guest files overwriting system patching and master settings.

Pricelist iLive T Complete with MixRack :
- iLive T112 + IDR-48  GBP 13,000
- iLive T112 + IDR-64  GBP ........... (Contact Us)


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