Saturday, November 26, 2011


Pricelist : Rp. 6.150.000,-

Smart Force Series

The SONOR Smart Force Series – designed especially for beginners at an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for all up-and-coming rockers, jazz cats, enthusiasts of metal or the blues … or any drummer who’s looking for a drum set that is sturdy, yet versatile.

SONOR Smart Force Sounds

The 9-layer poplar shells of the SONOR Smart Force Sets are full bodied, providing balanced sound with lots of power up front. 

SONOR Smart Force Shell Design

The poplar shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving, and ­neutral ­tuning thanks to tension-free cross-lamination of the individual layers of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process). The covered finish is very sturdy and long lasting, and the workmanship is impeccable.

SONOR Smart Force Thicknesses

9 layers for bass drums, tom toms, floor toms and snare drums = 7.2 mm


Acoustic drum kit Smart Force series, includes Bass Drum 22"x17.5", Tom 12"x9", Tom 13"x10", Floor Tom 16"x16", Snare 14 "x5.5" (wood), made from 9-ply poplar 7.2mm thick, coated film, TuneSafe tuning screws, chrome rims, and ball joints, 200 Series hardware includes pedal, stands for, Hi-Hat, Snare.



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