Thursday, November 3, 2011

Schecter Diamond-J Bass

Pricelist : Rp. 5.500.000,-

Diamond-J, 3-Tone Sunburst (3TSB), Alder Body, E/A/D/G Tuning, Schecter Vintage Bridge

Artist :
Neville Brothers Neville Brothers 
Stone Temple Pilots -  Robert DeLeo Stone Temple Pilots - Robert DeLeo

Features :

Tuners - Grover Vintage

Vintage machine uses a die-cast, two-piece housing for additional strength and precision. The unique bearing surface in the housing provides a rigid string post enhancing the alignment of the gear and worm. The 14:1 gear ratio provides for fine tuning.

Pickups - Schecter Monster Tone II

This 2 in 1 Jazz pickup is over wound with Monster size pole pieces for an aggressive sound, and is tapped for a Vintage tone when Push-Pull Tone knob is pulled up.

Neck - Maple

Maple has a uniform grain, it’s strong and stable, and it has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods. Its tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy onto the body wood. Maple transfers a bright tone to the body which complements the warm tones of a mahogany body


Schecter Vintage

This massive forged steel bridge yields rock solid sustain, tonal clarity and precise intonation.


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