Sunday, November 20, 2011

ASHLY Graphic Equalizers GQX-3102

The GQX-Series is available in three different configurations: the GQX-1502 features two channels of fifteen-band 2/3 octave equalization and a switchable high-pass filter. The GQX-3101 is a single-channel thirty-one band model, while the GQX-3102 features two channels of 1/3 octave EQ.

Both the third-octave models offer tunable high-pass filter circuits from 8Hz to 200Hz and 10-segment, two color LED meter displays, referencing 0 VU to +4dBu. Each model in the GQX-Series features switch-selectable cut or boost of either 6dB or 15dB, and carry the same Five Year Worry-Free Warranty offered on all commercial sound products from Ashly.  

The GQX models are designed to be significantly quiet without the need for noise reduction to be built into the equalizer circuit. Double-sided circuit boards with ground plane design are used in the filter sections for improved RFI and electrostatic immunity. Precision Wein-Bridge filters and carefully designed summing amplifiers combine to provide extremely accurate response, low noise, negligible distortion, and complete immunity to magnetic fields. All filters exhibit true constant "Q" response with no broadening near the "flat" setting. High slew-rate circuitry throughout the signal path results in clean, quiet, transparent sound. The faders used are a custom-manufactured metal-shaft type, with molded saddle knobs, for the ultimate in reliability and smooth "feel". Ashly's unique "T-Beam" front panel construction eliminates interconnections between the faders and the filters, resulting in a very rugged and rigid front panel.  

Input and output connections include barrier strip terminals and 1/4" TRS phone jacks, as well as standard locking XLR's. Circuit ground may be lifted from chassis ground via the barrier strip. Ashly's servo-balanced output circuitry maintains unity gain even if pins 2 or 3 are connected directly to ground. Our transformer and power supply design result in lower hum noise and even greater line voltage range. In fact, these units still meet specifications when voltage drops down to as low as 93 VAC, making them the ideal choice when power stability presents a problem to the installer. 

 Architect Specifications

The graphic equalizer shall be stereo (2 channels). Each channel shall consist of 31 bands centered on standard ISO frequencies at intervals of 1/3 octave and covering a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Individual bands shall be activated by linear slide faders with a 45mm travel, metal actuator shafts and a tactile center detent. The range of equalization per band shall be either ±6dB or ±15dB selected via a 2-position switch.

The equalizer shall have a gain of unity with all sliders centered, and shall have a maximum in/out level of +22dBu. Frequency response shall be ±.25dB 10Hz to20kHz. Hum and noise shall be at least -92dBu and SMPTE intermodulation distortion or THD shall be less than .01% at full output. Input impedance shall be 20k ohm balanced, 10k ohm unbalanced. Output impedance shall be 200 ohm. Inputs and outputs shall be active (transformerless) balanced type on both XLR, 1/4" phone jacks and barrier strip terminals.

Individual filters shall be Wein-bridge type and connected in a summing circuit optimized for minimum filter interaction and constant bandwidth at any slider setting. Boost and cut characteristics shall be fully symmetrical, with the filter being electrically removed from the circuit in the center (flat) position. Individual filters shall be accurate to within 3% of indicated center frequency and shall be non-adjustable to insure long term accuracy.

The equalizer shall also include an 18dB per octave high pass filter tunable from 8Hz to 200Hz, equipped with a bypass switch. A 2 color bar-graph meter shall be employed to show overall output level and an LED indicator shall show overload conditions. Input gain shall be adjustable over -infinity to +6dB, and an overall EQ bypass switch shall be included.

The equalizer shall weigh 13lbs net and mount in a standard 19" rack using 3 spaces (5.25" high). The power requirement shall be 110-115VAC, 50-60Hz, 20W. The unit shall be an Ashly Audio GQX-3102.


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