Monday, February 2, 2015

Steinberg CI2+ Advanced Integration USB Audio Interface (Yamaha)

Price : Rp. 1.450.000,-

CI2+ USB Audio Interface

Hardware most skillfully meets software by combining the best of two worlds with the CI2+ Advanced Integration USB studio and Cubase Essential 5, the dedicated version of Cubase 5. As the name implies, the CI2+ houses two major functions. There’s the two-channel XLR combo interface equipped with two sophisticated microphone preamps and phantom power, one HI-Z for direct guitar input and a footswitch connector for Interactive Recording. This is seconded by the controller section featuring the innovative AI Knob that provides intuitive control due to seamless integration into Cubase. Together with Cubase Essential 5, CI2+ allows you to take full advantage of a massive range of audio tools, at home, in the rehearsal room or wherever required.

Instant plug and play with “AI Ready” LED

CI2+ features full plug-and-play support, so there’s no need to add the parameters to Cubase, only the easy, one-step installation of a USB device. Once the CI2+ has been installed, Cubase detects the launched device and automatically embeds the CI2+ into the Cubase production environment. Visual feedback is provided through the “AI Ready” LED. When it lights up, CI2+ is ready to assume control. But instant plug and play is just one of the many advantages CI2+ has to offer as a fully integrated controller of Cubase, forming one exhilaratingly powerful hardware/software production system.

Project Assistant

The Project Assistant provides a wealth of ready-made templates for different styles and scopes like recording, mixing, producing and mastering. The templates contain the number of channels, effects, dynamics, amp simulators and channel inserts — tailored to your particular needs. Creating customized user templates and integrating those into the Launch browser makes recording with a DAW software and audio interface just that easy: Start up Cubase Essential 5, hit the AI Knob and scroll down the list of provided templates. The chosen template is selected by pushing the AI Knob a second time. A new project is created for you with the necessary number of tracks, audio input and output routings, all effects, amp simulator, sounds and much more. Especially for CI2+, new plug-ins like the AmpSimulator and the ToneBooster have been added to Cubase Essential 5. The guitar is simply plugged into the input of the CI2+ and you can start creating songs in a jiffy. Thanks to this assistant, initializing a Cubase Project from scratch even saves professionals a lot of time — and as we all know, time is money.

AI Knob

One of the most innovative features of CI2+ is the revolutionary AI Knob, which is a “point and control” precision controller. Rather than attempting to replace traditional mouse pointing devices, the AI Knob harnesses the flexibility of a computer mouse to offer unprecedented speed when editing parameters and adjusting settings. The computer mouse is simply moved over the parameter, which is then automatically placed under full precision control through the AI Knob, with no need to make any additional settings in Cubase, any additional software module or on the interface itself. The parameter can be locked to the AI Knob to retain control when the mouse is moved elsewhere onscreen. The AI Knob of the CI2+ controls all Cubase mixing parameters plus VST3 and VST2 plug-ins. On the CI2+, you will find an enhanced version of the AI Knob featured on the CC121 Advanced Integration controller. The AI Knob on the CI2+ is also a push encoder that enables new enhanced functionality.

Transport control functionality

The buttons “Next”, “Previous”, “Play/Stop” and “Rec” are additional buttons for transport control of Cubase. The “Previous” button moves the project cursor on Cubase to the previous marker position. When the browse mode is active the “Previous” button moves the cursor to the previous column. Holding down this button starts fast rewind. The “Next” button moves the project cursor on Cubase to the next marker position. When the browse mode is active the “Next” button moves the cursor to the next column. Holding down the button starts fast forward. Pressing the “Previous” button and the “Next” button simultaneously enables or disables the Cycle function on Cubase. The “Rec” button starts the recording in Cubase. The “Play/Stop” button alternately executes Play or Stop on Cubase. Double-clicking this button returns the project cursor on Cubase to the start position.

Plug in, rock out

With the CI2+ you can plug in your guitar and mic, and start jamming right away. The two combo inputs on the rear panel feature quality preamps and +48V phantom power for condenser mics, while providing the proper impedance loads for guitars with the Hi-Z switch on the first input. This way you can play straight through the AmpSimulator plug-in for house-levelling sounds thanks to its various amp and speaker cabinet emulations.
But wait! There’s more to it. Powered purely by USB, the CI2+ lets you record music through it whenever and wherever you like. And the Interactive Recording mode alongside the built-in footswitch connector lets you control the session with your feet. Now you can strum your guitar without ever having to take a break.

In full control

The CI2+ comes with the controls you’ll be expecting from a great audio interface: individual gain knobs with peak LEDs, dedicated master and headphone controls, and the list goes on and on.

What’ll take you by surprise, however, is its groundbreaking AI Knob, a ‘point & control’ precision controller employing Advanced Integration technology to seamlessly adjust VST plug-ins, mixing parameters and other functions in Cubase. When mousing over software controls, parameters are automatically placed under full precision control through the AI Knob. Around the knob you’ll also find further push-buttons for essential transport control.

Steinberg CI2+ specs

Comes with: Cubase Essential 5
Audio inputs: Two XLR combo jacks, input 1 with HI-Z
Audio outputs: Two line outs (TRS), headphone out (TRS)
Controls: AI knob with Lock button, Start/Stop, Record, Next, Previous, Action Pad and footswitch connector for Interactive Recording mode


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