Monday, May 11, 2015

ALESIS MidiVerb4 Dual-Channel Parallel Processor

Pricelist : Rp. 3.650.000,-
Sale Price : Rp. 2.920.000,- (Save 20%)

The MidiVerb™ 4 is the perfect effects processor for professional project studios and musicians who require an affordable solution for fully-programmable, high-fidelity effects. Its excellent effects algorithms produce dense, natural reverb, rich chorus, flange, delay, pitch effects and up to three simultaneous multieffects. The MidiVerb 4 offers 18 bit A/D and D/A converters and 24 bit internal processing for a 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth and 90dB dynamic range, making it ideal for digital recording. Plus, its valuable Auto Level Sensing™ feature can instantly set the optimum input levels...a great time-saver. MidiVerb 4's thirty-two effects algorithms give you a complete arsenal of fully programmable effects, many using true stereo parallel processing. You can take advantage of the 256 powerful programs with 128 spaces for user-created effects. With its easy-to-use graphic interface, programming your own effects is a snap. And by using MidiVerb 4's MIDI controller routing and assignable footswitch input, you'll have complete creative control over every aspect of your sound.

Key Features :
  • 128 Factory presets plus 128 user-adjustable presets total 256 programs to suit your style
  • Professional 18-bit A-to-D and D-to-A conversion ensures premium quality
  • Auto Level Sensing instantly sets optimal input level for you
  • Assignable footswitch input extends your control of effects
Specs :

Presets (Factory/User)
  • 128/128

Digital Effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.)
  • Rvrb; chrs; dly; flng; rtry; ptch

Simultaneous Effects
  • 3

Programmable Wet/Dry/Mix
  • Yes

  • Y/Y

Maximum Delay Time
  • 1,300 ms

Maximum Pitch Shift Range (octaves)
  • Ă‚±1 octave

MIDI Real-Time Control
  • Yes

Simultaneous MIDI Controls
  • 2


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