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Active 550-Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 15" Woofer and 1.75" Titanium Compression Driver

High-power 550-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications
Ultra-compact and light weight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption
Integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection
Extremely powerful 15'' long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
State-of-the-art 1.75'' titanium-diaphragm compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction
Ultra-wide dispersion, large-format exponential horn
Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED
Dedicated 2-band EQ for perfect sound adjustment
Additional Line output allows linking of additional speaker systems
Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning:
- Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket
- Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor
Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

One of the coolest things about active loudspeakers is the lack of all the backbreaking racks of amps, crossovers and EQs that are often required to make passive systems sound almost as good. But that comes with a trade-off —that extra weight is transferred to the loudspeaker, making it difficult for a single user to heave all that mass onto a speaker stand. By utilizing switch-mode power supplies and Class-D amplifier topology, the new EUROLIVE B312D and B315D loudspeakers provide 28% more output power (550-Watts) and still weigh 10% less than our best-selling B312A/B315A systems.
Sound quality is also improved, thanks to an integrated sound processor, which provides total system control, dependable protection of the transducers (woofer and tweeter) and virtually eliminates distortion—even at extreme operating levels. In addition, both models feature an Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) MIC/LINE input with LEVEL control and a dedicated 2-band EQ (HIGH/LOW) for simple, yet effective tonal control.

What is Class-D Technology?

Instead of operating relatively continuously like Class AB circuits, Class-D amps switch on and off thousands of times per second, delivering power only when needed. In other words, the amplifier is either fully on or fully off , which significantly reduces power losses from the output devices given off as heat. Less heat means our amps don’t need massive heat sinks, and that means we can make them lighter. Our no-compromise design means your EUROLIVE D Series loudspeakers will deliver full power with incredible fidelity all night long, without the need for lengthy rest cycles.
When used in conjunction with switching-mode power supplies, which don’t require huge and heavy transformers, our Class-D amplifiers provide tremendous dynamic punch and superior fidelity. The resulting speaker systems are much lighter, making them easy to transport and set up.

Processor-controlled Output

Dynamic processing is one of the best ways to maximize output without sacrificing sound quality. The D Series’ built-in circuitry automatically adjusts program content, allowing the loudspeaker to operate at extreme levels. It accomplishes this by reducing bass output slightly as you approach the limit of the transducers. This frees up LF (Low Frequency) amp and transducer resources, so that higher overall volume can be realized. It’s like having a tiny soundman inside each cabinet constantly monitoring and tweaking output parameters.

Instant PA System

With just a single D Series loudspeaker and a microphone, you can set up an instant PA system— and you don’t need an external mixer to do so! Thanks to the built-in mic preamp, you can connect any dynamic mic directly to the input and raise and lower the volume with the Level control. Just plug in the mic, place the speaker on a tabletop or standard speaker stand, and power up. It’s that easy. And if you need more coverage, you can use the convenient LINK OUTPUT XLR connector to add more active loudspeakers.

Stereo Music System

You can even use a pair of D Series enclosures for stereo playback of your MP3, CD or old-skool cassette deck without any additional hardware. Just plug the appropriate stereo “breakout” adapter into your deck’s output jack and run the cables to the ¼" inputs on each loudspeaker. Set the Level and EQ controls the same on both enclosures. Voilà, instant party!

Monitor Mastery

Thanks to their trapezoidal design, D Series loudspeakers can be laid on their side to provide the ideal angle for onstage monitor wedge applications. Their extraordinary fidelity and frequency response make them a favorite of vocalists and instrumentalists alike. Hookup is simple, requiring only a single XLR or ¼" cable from the monitor send on your mixing console and, of course, power. Additional monitors can be chained together via the XLR LINK OUTPUT jack on the rear panel.

Custom-designed Transducers

While some of our competitors are content to buy ready-made transducers and plug them into their boxes, we custom-design and build ours from scratch. Not only do we wind our own voice coils, we process the paper pulp into cones and machine every component that goes into them. This enables us to control the quality and make better components, like the long-excursion LF transducers and state-of-the-art 1.75” titanium drivers we deploy in each and every B315D and B312D enclosure.

Low Frequency Response

The EUROLIVE D Series was built with extended low frequency handling in mind. With a tuned port, internally braced, injection-molded enclosure, each model’s custom-designed LF transducer really cranks out tight low end. Keep in mind that bass response varies according to LF transducer size, so the larger the speaker, the more bass you will be able to generate.

PA Loudspeakers or Studio Monitors?

You’ll love the sheer accuracy of these loudspeakers. More than a year went into the creation of the exponential horn/titanium-dome compression driver combination that not only does justice to loud rock and dance music, but CD Player Connecting a Music Player Connecting Multiple Loudspeakers XENYX XL1600 Continued on next also satisfies audiophiles with its musical timbre and attention to detail. And for spoken word, singing or acoustic instruments, EUROLIVE D Series loudspeakers are unrivaled for their articulate and complex harmonic detail. In fact, many customers think it’s the most natural-sounding speaker they’ve ever heard at anywhere near the price.
See your BEHRINGER dealer today for more information, which is also a good time to give the B312D and B315D a listening test—against the competition and against each other. Judge for yourself. And then own BEHRINGER with money to spare.

CASIO AP-420 BK / BN CELVIANO Digital Pianos

Experience the elegant design and rich resonance of the AP-420 Casio CELVIANO piano.

The Celviano line of pianos has been refined for those who demand an authentic grand piano experience. The new AP-420’s traditional design houses new stereo grand piano sounds and enhanced “Ivory Touch” keyboard.  Utilizing a new tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled hammer action, every nuance and detail of your performance is captured. A new 4 layer stereo grand piano sound delivers a natural, expressive and dynamic piano experience.

The AP-420 features a total of 16 built-in tones, with the ability to layer two sounds or split the keyboard to allow a bass sound in the left hand. Its built-in SD card slot allows you to load and save song files and the dual 20W speaker system delivers a sound that will resonate through your home.  With 128 notes of polyphony, USB MIDI, Duet Mode, 1/4” audio outputs and more, Celviano’s advanced technology and sound will make the AP-420 the perfect addition to any home.

Special Features :
Learn more about CASIO CELVIANO Digital Pianos
Truly shines with its high-quality sound and design The CELVIANO AP-420 model truly shines with its high-quality sound and design.
250 Aif Tones 250 AiF Tones
The excellent AiF Sound source produces 250 top-quality tones, which truly come into their own in both classic piano repertoire and many other genres.
AiF Linear Morphing AiF Linear Morphing
The innovative AiF Sound Source technology produces top-quality tones perfectly suited to both classical piano music and other genres and enables gentle transitions between individual samples and dynamic levels. Complex stereo recordings from a top-quality concert piano (samples) with four dynamic levels provide a particularly authentic sound and allow you to play across various intermediate stages from piano to forte without any sound discolouration or audible leaps.
128-Voice Polyphony 128-Voice Polyphony
Guarantee an absolutely first-class piano sound. The expansion of the range of voices has made interpreting complex works a true pleasure and lets you play sweeping chords and make extensive use of the damper pedal.
Tri-Sensor “Tri-Sensor” Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard
Piano feeling: The scaled hammer-action keyboard with 88 touch response, weighted keys is based on the keyboard of a concert piano and provides an authentic playing experience. A third sensor in the keyboard allows players to use particularly fast techniques without the notes sounding unnaturally cut off.
Registration Memory Registration Memory
Faster access: You can file up to 96 set-ups (8 x 12 spaces) in the registration memory.
Two Piano Setting Keys Two Piano Setting Keys
Piano sound tailored to your own taste: The piano setting key switches to grand piano sound at the touch of a button. Two settings are available: “classic” for a soft, discreet sound and “modern” with a more lighter, brighter character.
High-Quality DSP Effects High-Quality DSP Effects
The digitally reproduces the high-quality sound of a top concert grand piano complete with first-class reverb effects. The simulation of the resonating strings that is provided by the “Acoustic Resonance” CASIO effect rounds the sound experience off perfectly.
60 Songs 60 Songs
Listen, sing along, play along: 60 top quality songs are stored.
8 Digital Effects 8 Digital Effects
Live before an audience or at home in the living room: The sound diversity of your keyboard is enhanced by 4 reverb / 4 chorus effects.
88 Keys 88 Keys
The scaled hammer-action with 88 touch response weighted keys are based on the grand piano keyboard and make for an authentic playing feel.
Ivory Touch Keyboard Ivory Touch Keyboard
Both an audible and visual delight: The refined, matt keys with ivory touch not only look sophisticated and high quality, but provide a comfortable playing surface and additional stability to prevent your fingers from sliding. Enjoy a realistic playing experience!
Duet Function Duet Function
Ideal for lessons: the new duet functions allows teachers and pupils to play parallel to each other. The piano can be divided into two keyboard areas, which can be transposed individually.
Panel-Lock PANEL-Lock
Safe: With the PANEL-Lock function, the control panel is protected from unintentional moves while playing.
Metronome Metronome
Keep to the beat: The integrated metronome helps you keep to the rhythm.
Stereo Line In/Out Stereo LINE OUT
The Stereo LINE OUT of your digital piano provides a connection for full sound experiences. e.g. to your hi-fi or PA-system.
2 Headphone Connections 2 Headphone Connections
Duet delight: two headphone connections are available.
3 Pedals 3 Pedals
A 3-pedal unit with expanded damper capability.
SD Card Slot SD Card Slot
The innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal song memory.
USB Plug & Play USB Plug & Play/Song Expansion
The USB/MIDI–(GM) connection enables further Midfile songs to be loaded into the internal memory via the “Song expansion”. No software installation from a CD-ROM required thanks to Plug & Play and the USB driver is compatible with both Mac and Windows (from Mac OSX 10.03 and Windows XP/Vista).
Music Preset Music Preset
The “Music Preset Library” contains 300 “one touch settings” based on popular rock and pop songs. The useful pre-settings for rhythm, tone, tempo, effects etc. makes time-consuming searches for the right settings a thing of the past. This assistant makes playing the “top 300” child’s play!

Specifications   AP-420
Keyboard   88 keys, weighted scaled hammer action, Tri-Sensor keys, Ivory Touch  
Touch Response 3 Sensitivity levels / Off  
Sound Source 4 level stereo samples, Linear Morphing System
Acoustic Resonance Yes
Polyphony (max) 128
Tones 16
Reverb 4 types
Chorus 4 types
Brilliance Yes
Layer/Split   Yes
Registration Memory Yes
Duet Mode Yes
Preset Songs 60
Metronome Beats: 0,2,3,4,5,6  Tempo Range: 20 to 255
Transpose 25 Steps -12 / +12 semi tones
Tuning Control   A4=440Hz +/- 99 cents (variable)
Temperament   equal temperament + 16 scales
Recorder 2 Tracks / 1 Song
USB Storage (to PC) Yes
SD Memory Card Storage Yes
Speakers 4.7” x 2” + 1” x 2”
Amplifier 20W + 20W
Line Out    2
USB   Yes
Pedals    Damper, Soft, Sostenuto
Headphones  2
AC Adaptor     AD-24
Pedals (Damper, Soft, Sostenuto) Yes
Bench Yes (height adjustable)
Music Stand Yes
Score Book   Yes
Dimensions and Weight   
Unit size w/stand   54.9” (W) x 16.8” (D) x 32.9” (H)   
Unit weight w/stand     82.2 lbs.
Boxed size 58.7” (W) x 22.6” D) x 20.8” (H)
Boxed weight 141.1 lbs.  

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Presonus Firebox

6 x 8 Firewire Recording System

The FireBox is the most powerful 24-bit/96k FireWire recording interface that fits in the palm of your hand. The FireBox is a complete 24-Bit/96k personal recording studio combining two high quality PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers and 24-Bit/96k sample rate.

The FireBox is bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist, our groundbreaking music creation program, and over 4 GB of virtual instruments, plug-ins, loops, and samples to get you started making music immediately.

The FireBox is the most professional-quality mobile interface in its class delivering:
• Higher-quality analog to digital converters (Dynamic Range 110dB).
• Class-A microphone preamplifiers.
• Ultra wide frequency response (10 - 50kHz).
• Road-ready rugged build quality - metal chassis.

The FireBox has the highest record/playback track count of its size with the ability to record six inputs and playback through ten outputs simultaneously all at pro-quality 24-bit/96kHz. Two ultra-low noise high-headroom microphone/instrument preamplifiers with 48V phantom power are on the front panel for quickly and easily connecting your favorite microphones and instruments.

The FireBox also includes a high quality stereo headphone output with volume adjustment on the front panel. The headphone output has its own two-channel driver stream which can be used as a separate stereo bus or two-channel output giving you the ability to send a “cue” mix to the headphone output and a main mix to the main output.

Two additional balanced TRS line inputs are located on the rear of the FireBox along with six balanced TRS line outputs. Two channels of S/PDIF input/output and MIDI input/output are also included via DB9 breakout cable. A software router/mixer is also included for further flexibility and power. The 1/3U-wide metal chassis of the FireBox is designed to fit the MAXRACK rack-mounting system from PreSonus and can be racked with the TubePRE, COMP16, EQ3B and HP4 for a neat and compact computer recording system.

The FireBox works with both four and six-pin FireWire (IEEE 1394) connectors and can be powered by either 6-pin FireWire bus power, or powered by an external power transformer.

DSP Mixer Included.
The FireBox features a Zero-Latency DSP mixer that allows you to mix all six live inputs with a software output stream, then route that mix to any one of its outputs, as well as assign either that mix or a software output stream to its headphone amplifier.

This feature eliminates monitoring through the computer and makes it easy to customize a mix for the artist. It also allows CUEING for DJ’s and live performance where the headphone output can monitor a completely different signal than the MAIN outputs.

Studio One Artist—Plus Gigabytes of Creative Resources.
The FireBox is bundled with an exceptional software package, featuring PreSonus Studio One Artist, the amazing new DAW software for Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista that makes producing high-quality projects easier than ever before. As part of the Studio One Artist package, you get 20 new PreSonus Native Effects plug-ins and virtual instruments and a generous bundle of third-party loops, software, and instrument sounds.

Compare Studio One Artist and bundled extras to what comes with competing mobile interfaces:
• All-meat, no-bloat, music-creation software with an intuitive, practical, single-window interface.
• Unlimited tracks, insert effects, sends, virtual instruments, buses, and effects channels.
• Powerful drag-and-drop functionality.
• Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player.
• Full-featured, flexible automation.
• Powerful real-time auto/manual time-stretching and resampling engine.
• Control Link™ (advanced MIDI mapping made easy).
• Twenty 32-bit Native Sound™ plug-ins, including reverbs, amp modeling, and EQ.
• Four new virtual instruments, including a sampler and an analog-type subtractive synth.
• Gigabytes of third-party resources, including Native Instruments™ Kore™ Player with custom SoundPack (150 instruments), Native Instruments™ Guitar Rig LE, Toontrack™ EZDrummer Lite, and over 1.4 GB of loops!

• High-Speed FireWire Network Audio Interface.
• Plug and play FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio interface.
• 24-Bit / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96K sample rate.
• Record/playback 6 inputs/10 outputs at 24-bit/96K.
• 2 PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers.
• 2 analog line inputs, 6 analog line outputs.
• S/PDIF input/output.
• MIDI input/output.
• Low latency monitoring.
• Headphone output.
• Powered via FireWire bus or externally.
• Software router/mixer.
• Windows and Macintosh compatible.
• Fits MAXRACK rack mounting system.
• FREE PreSonus Studio One Artist recording and production software.

Computer system requirements:
Below are the minimum computer-system requirements for your FireBox.

• Windows XP SP2 (32/64-bit) or later, Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit).
• Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz processor or AMD Athlon 64 (Turion) (2.5 GHz or faster recommended).
• 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended).

• Mac OS X 10.3.7 or later (10.4.11, 10.5.2 or later, or 10.6 recommended).
• PowerPC G4 1.25 GHz or Intel Core Solo 1.5 GHz processor (2 GHz or faster recommended).
• 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended).

Windows and Macintosh Systems.
• IEEE 1394 FireWire 400 Port.
• Internet connection recommended.
• DVD-ROM drive.
• Internal or external 7200 RPM storage drive highly recommended.

* Note that the speed of your processor, amount of RAM and size and speed of your hard drive will greatly affect the overall performance of your recording system. Also, a more powerful system (faster processor with more RAM) will allow for lower latency (signal delay) that you might experience while monitoring audio or MIDI signals.

* Monitor resolution for both PC and Macintosh should be no lower than 1024x768 pixels.


Known compatible and incompatible hardware.!

• Microphone Preamp 1-2 (XLR Balanced).
• Type Combo XLR Female Balanced / TRS 1/4".
• Frequency Response (±0.5 dB) 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
• Input Impedance (Balanced) 1300 Ohm.
• THD+N (unwtd, 1kHz @ +4 dBu Output, Unity Gain < 0.005%.
• EIN (unwtd, 55dB Gain, 150 Ω Input, 20Hz to 22kHz -125 dBu.
• S/N Ratio (Unity Gain, unwtd, Ref. = +4 dBu, 20Hz to 22 kHz > 101dB.
• Common Mode Rejection Ratio (1 kHz, 55 dB Gain) >45dB (+12 dB digital boost switch).
• Phantom Power (±2 VDC) +48 VDC.

Instrument Input.
• Type 1/4" TS.
• Input Impedance 1 Mega Ohm.

• Line Inputs 3-4 (1/4” TRS).
• Frequency Response (+0,- 0.5dB) 20Hz to 50kHz.
• Frequency Response (+0/-3.0 dB) 20Hz to 150kHz.
• Input Impedance (Balanced) 10 KOhm.
• THD+N (unwtd, 1KHz @ +4dBu Output, Unity Gain) < 0.003%.
• S/N Ratio (Unity Gain, unwtd, Ref. = +4dBu, 20Hz to 22KHz) >101dB.
• Maximum Input Level (Unity Gain, 1KHz @ 0.5% THD+N) +20dBu.

Headphone Output.
• Type TRS Active Stereo.
• Maximum Output 150 mW/CH @ 60 Ohm Load.
• Frequency Response (±1.0 dB) 20 Hz - 20kHz.

Digital Audio.
• FireWire (IEEE 1394) Speed 400mbps.
• ADC Dynamic Range (Awtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate) 107 dB.
• DAC Dynamic Range (Awtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate) 110 dB.
• Bit Depth 24.
• Reference Level for 0dBFS +10 dBu.
• Internal Sample Frequency Selections (kHz) 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96.
• SPDIF 2 channels input/output via RCA connector.

• Bus Power Six-pin FireWire port.
• Power Supply Ext. line Transformer, Intneral switching.

• Main Chassis.
• Package Type 1/3U - steel chassis.
• Dimensions 5.5(W) X 1.75(H) X 5.5(D) inches.
• Weight 5.0 lbs.

For more product info:

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It's tough to top the unmistakable and reliable sound of A Zildjians for almost any playing situation, but the award-winning A Customs are an irresistible alternative. Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights and a striking Brilliant finish for a crisp, sweet, sophisti...cated Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright – cymbals that are just right for modern music.

This special effects crash cymbal has a unique set of laser generated "cut outs" that allow it to produce a quick, dry and trashy sound used for accenting and punctuating. The brilliant finish makes this "must have" shimmer like any A Custom.

Technical specifications
* Category: A Custom Series
* SKU: A20816
* Type: Special Effects
* Size: 16 in. / 40.64 cm.
* Weight: Paper Thin
* Finish: Brilliant Finish
* Bell Size: Small
* Profile: Medium
* Pitch: Mid to High
* Sound: Bright/Mid
* Volume: General
* Balance: Cut
* Sustain: Short
* Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional
* Genre(s): Alternative, Country, Fusion, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Other, Percussion, Pop, Punk, Rock, World

Price List Rp. 2.835.000

LINE 6 Relay™ G30 Digital Guitar Wireless System

Relay G30 represents a revolution in wireless technology. It provides wired tone, uncompromising dependability and simple operation on every stage around the world. 6 channels, 100-foot range.

Relay™ digital guitar wireless systems redefine the wireless experience for guitarists and bassists. They deliver wired tone, uncompromising dependability and refreshingly simple operation like no other wireless systems can. And they can do it on every stage around the world.

Wired tone.
Thanks to superior specs and exclusive VWT™ digital technology, Relay wireless guitar systems sound as good as a high-quality guitar cable.

Uncompromising dependability.
Multiple sets of antennas, proprietary DCL™ signal protection, and a 2.4GHz broadcast let you relax and perform with confidence.

Simple Operation.
Power up, pick a channel, and go! No hunting for frequencies, and no hassles. Worldwide.

Exclusive VWT (Virtual Wire Transmission) technology ensures full-range frequency response, excellent transient response, and wide dynamic range - just like a high-quality guitar cable.

Superior specs.
Relay digital wireless systems produce full-range tones with 10Hz-20kHz frequency response, exceedingly low noise with up to 120dB dynamic range, and studio-quality resolution with 24-bit A/D conversion. (Comparably priced analog wireless systems offer 50Hz-15kHz frequency response and >90dB dynamic range. This wreaks havoc on your tone, especially if you use a high-gain amp.)

Cable tone simulation.
Using a cable and a wireless system? Now you can switch back and forth without having to adjust the tone settings on your amplifier. Relay digital wireless systems feature a Cable Tone Simulator, which lets you match the sound of your Relay to the sound of your cable.

Compander free.
Companders squash your signal and ruin your tone. Analog wireless systems require companders but Relay wireless systems do not. Remaining compander-free enables Relay to deliver a beautiful high-end sparkle, thunderous low-end punch, and touch response that analog wireless systems simply cannot deliver.

Price List Rp.3.100.000

Saturday, October 22, 2011

PRS SE Zach Myers

“This model is based off of my two favorite PRS guitars. This SE holds up to both of those guitars as a player’s guitar that can take a beating. I put everything I am into this guitar and can’t wait for you to hear it.” - Zach Myers
As the lead guitarist of a band that has sold more than 6 million albums, Zach Myers of Shinedown needs a quality guitar. PRS is happy to offer that same quality to you through the SE Zach Myers Model. Featuring three humbuckers with dual volume and dual tone controls, this guitar provides excellent playability and precision.

Visit the Zach Myers PRS Artist Profile

Visit Zach Myers on the Web:

PRS SE Orianthi

“This PRS is perfect for anyone who wants an awesome quality, versatile, rockin’ guitar at an affordable price. I love it; try it out!” - Orianthi
Orianthi has been playing PRS since 1997 when she traded acoustic for electric guitar after seeing Carlos Santana in concert in her native Australia. Less than ten years later, Carlos Santana affirmed, “If I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice.” Orianthi has jammed with and supported such legendary musicians as Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, ZZ Top, and Michael Jackson, more than earning her spot as a guitar great.
One of the first SE models to feature PRS birds, the SE Orianthi Model SE is based off of the celebrated PRS Custom 24 model with several unique appointments, including a Korina back, Red Sparkle finish, and her signature “O” at the 12th fret.

Visit the Orianthi PRS Artist Profile

Visit Orianthi on the web:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

PEARL REFERENCE SNARE WOOD RF1465S/C 194 - Granite Sparkle finish

6 inner plies of Birch unite with 14 outer plies of Maple for a staggeringly thick 20 ply shell. The 45 degree bearing edge brings all 20 plies to the party in a highly focused sweet spot. This projects the volume that you would expect from such a thick shell without losing sensitivity or articulation. The state-of-the-art in modern hardware adorns these snares to maximize every nuance of the shell construction. Available in 3 sizes to perfectly suite your personal desires.

All Reference Snare Drums feature Pearl’s SR-1000 Glide-Lock Strainer, which includes a locking throwoff lever and tension knob that won’t loosen no matter how hard you play. Low-friction technology permits smooth gliding action for ultra quiet, super precise motion.

20ply: Maple 14+Birch 6
BRL-65 (14”x6.5”)
Tension Rods
SST-5047 Stainless Steel Tension Rod
SR-1000 Glide-Lock Strainer

Price List Rp.5.320.000

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hartke VXL Attack - Bass Pedal

Hartke Bass Attack Pedal adalah sebuah "tone-shaping pre-amp" yang double seperti sebuah direct box, fungsi yang terkenal adalah Hartke Shape Circuitry. Ada 2 model tombol stomp box yang mempunyai 3-band EQ untuk mengatur Bass, Treble, dan Bright control, di tambah dengan sebuah Harmonic control yang menyerupai warmth dan drive dari sebuah tube, nah sekarang Anda tidak akan pernah ingin mematikannya. Hartke Bass Attack Pedal memberikan Anda kemampuan untuk mendapatkan sound yang Anda inginkan, dan apa saja yang Anda butuhkan.

Features• VX tone shaping pre-amp / direct box• Famous Hartke shape circuitry• 3-band bass, treble and bright control• Harmonic control for tube drive emulation• Gold plated XLR direct output with selectable pre / post, and parallel 1/4” in/out•

Price List Rp.1.080.000

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Pricelist : Rp. 9.250.000,-

Sound System Portable dengan USB Slot - DVD - Tape Player.

1 (Satu) set perangkat audio visual komplet ( all in One) sebagai alat bantu presentasi dan perekam audio, Kapasitas hingga 750 orang dalam ruangan tertutup. Sangat tepat untuk Acara Indoor-Outdoor seperti Konferensi Pers-Event Olahraga-Acara Wisuda-Upacara-dll. Jangkauan microphone sangat jauh ( > 100 M) , jelas dan jernih suaranya. Memudahkan aktivitas karena dilengkapi remote control. Gampang dibawa karena dilengkapi trolley dan roda. Dilengkapi rechargeable batterie untuk pemakaian s/ d 8 jam non stop.

All-in-One Portable Wireless System !
Now with Extra Features : USB Slot for Music Playing & UHF Wireless Microphone System

• USB Slot for connecting iPod, MP3 Player, Flash Disk
• UHF Wireless Microphone System
• Full Featured DVD Player
• Video Output
• Cassette Deck / Tape Player + Recorder
• Echo, Tone & Individual Channel Volume Controls
• Voice Priority Switch
• Dynamic Wireless Mic ( Handheld Wireless, Clip-on Wireless, HeadSet Wireless )
• Operation Range : 300feet / 90metres in open area
• Unit Powered by Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack
• Audio Input : 2-Mic 1/4" and 1 Stereo RCA Aux
• 1/4" Line Out
• 4Ω External Speaker Output
• LED Indicators : Battery Charge, Low Battery, Power
• 1 x 8-inch Woofers and 2.5-inch Compression Tweeter
• 80W-RMS and 150W Peak Power
• Unit Back-up Battery Life : Approx. 6-hours
• Mic Battery Life : Approx. 4-hours
• Ported Enclosure for Increased Bass Response
• Telescoping Handle and Caster Wheels
• Operating Frequency : UHF 500 - 600MHz
• Voltage : 220V 50/60Hz , Voltage Switchable


• Frequency Range : UHF 500 - 600MHz
• Frequency Stability : ±0.005% quartz oscillation controlled, with temperature stabilizer
• Modulation (Max) : ±20KHz
• Frequency Response : 50Hz ~ 18KHz ±3dB
• Hum & Noise : 100dB±3dB (RF=1mV)
• Dynamic Range : min 100dB
• Distorsion : Less than 0.5% (at 5W)
• Built-in Rechargeable Battery : ( 12V, 5Amp ) x 2

Wireless Microphone Features and Specifications
• Antenna: Built-in with noise terminator circuit (Handheld Microphone); Eksternal Antenna (Body-pack Transmitter)
• Battery: DC9V
• Current Consumption: 20mA
• Power Output: 20mW
• Spurious Emission: 45dB min

Wireless Receiver Features and Specifications
• Quartz Controlled Fixed Frequency Receiving Mode
• Sensitivity: 10dB/uV/(S/N 60dB)
• Image and Spurious Rejection: Min 80dB
• Output: unbalanced 250mV 600Ω
• Receiver System: Single or Dual Channels
• Input Signal: Wired, Wireless MIC, Audio-in
• Output Signal: Recording signal, Line-out
• Power output: 80W(Max)
• Power Source: AC 220V or DC 24V
• Current Consumption: max 4A


The 4PRO 6001-A is a high output, medium-throw, 3 way speaker designed for high demanding professional live sound systems.
It integrates a massive power 950 W amplifier, a complete electronic procession section and full neodymium RCF low distortion, high power transducers. RCF unique 8” sealed basket midrange has been specifi cally optimised in conjunction with the 4PRO 6001-A midrange horn. The incredible output and the extreme linearity and accuracy in reproduction make it perfect for main PA, side fi lls, night clubs and corporate events making it a clear reference in its class.

Pricelist : 2.967 EURO perunit

  • 950 Watt tri-amplification
  • 134 dB max spl
  • 80 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn
  • 2x12" woofer, high power neodymium 3" v.c.
  • 8" midrange, high power neodymium 3" v.c.
  • 1" HF driver, titanium dome, neodymium 1.75" v.c.
Acoustical Specifications
  • Frequency Response -3 dB: 50 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
  • Max SPL: 134 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle: 80°
  • Vertical coverage angle: 60°
  • Compression Driver: 1" neo, 1.75" voice coil
  • Midrange: 8" neo,3" voice coil
  • Woofer: 2 x 12" neo, 3" voice coil
Input/Output Section
  • Input signal: bal / unbal
  • Input connectors: Combo xlr-jck
  • Output connectors: xlr
  • Input sensitivity: 0 dBu
Processor Section
  • Crossover frequencies: 360 Hz / 2000 Hz
  • Protections: uC protection
  • Limiter: Fast limiter
  • Controls: Volume
Amplifier Specifications
  • Total power: 950 W
  • High frequencies: 50 W
  • Mid frequencies: 300 W
  • Low frequencies: 600 W
  • Cooling: Forced
  • Connections: Powercon in / out
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic birch
  • Hardware: 5 x fly tracks
  • Handles: 2 side, 1 top
  • Colour: Black
Physical Specifications
  • Height: 920 / 36.22 mm/inch
  • Width: 525 / 20.67 mm/inch
  • Depth: 550 / 21.65 mm/inch
  • Net Weight: 55 / 121.25 kg/lbs


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