Monday, September 5, 2011

MG100HFX amp head and MG412A (angled) cabinet

---- Discontinued Product ------

MG100HFX Amplifier Head
The MG100HFX amp head combines 100W of raw Marshall power with the versatility of 4 storable, footswitchable channels. You also get digital effects including: reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, and delay. It packs fully analog tone circuits, providing the distinctive Marshall tone and pure organic flexibility. Using digitally controlled analog functions, the MG4 Series MG100HFX also delivers precise control and superb flexibility without masking your guitar's own sound or making your tone sound processed and artificial.

The Marshall MG100HFX head also features a frequency-dependent damping circuit. This circuit ensures that the sound reproduces the same interaction between amplifier and speaker that occurs in professional valve amplification, making the MG100HFX amplifier sound and feel alive.

A 2-button footswitch is included, but with a Stompware 4-button footcontroller (not included), you can easily store and recall your favorite settings, playing seamlessly through your music in true professional style.

Marshall MG412 Speaker Cabinet:

The 8-ohm, 120W MG412 speaker cab is loaded with 4 x 12" custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers that really crank out that authentic Marshall tone. The guitar speaker is designed for maximum road-readiness with reinforced corners and recessed and side bar handles.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.
MG100HFX Amp Head:
Power: 100W RMS
Channels: 4
Stompware footswitchable (not included)
EQ: 3-stage
Damping: FDD onboard and additional 2-way selector
Custom Effects: Reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, delay
Emulated MP3/Line in
Emulated Headphones Out
Effects Loop
Dimensions: 23-3/10" W x 9-4/5" H x 10-4/5" D
Weight: 25 lb.

MG412 Cabinet:
4 x 12" custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers
Angled-front configuration
8 ohm
Handles 120W
26-1/2" W x 26-1/4" H x 14" D


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