Friday, August 5, 2011

Mapex Black Panther Phatbob 14" x 07" Maple Snare Drum

Price List Rp.3.450.000,-

The Mapex Black Panther Phatbob is a snare drum not for the weak of heart or hearing. The 12mm 14"x 07" maple shell is topped off with a 2:8 bearing edge making for a very desirable marriage between the shell, the stainless steel snares and the Remo drum heads. The result is an unbelievable tonal explosion at not only loud volumes but at very quiet stickings situations.
The Mapex Sonic Saver hoops enhance your rim shots and clearly make your cross sticking patterns even more pronounced. The Sonic Saver has a unique smooth inward shape reducing the impact usually felt when slamming out rerim shots. The overall tuning and snare tensioning is noticably smooth, quiet and intensly accurate because of the new Mapex piston style snare strainer and butt plate. Both have the tuning knobs notched to eliminate the snare wires from loosening. When it is your time to be heard, then it is your time to have the Black Panther Phatbob.

Series Black Panther
Shell Type Maple
Size 14"
Other Features Stainless Steel Snare Wires
Product Weight 62 LBS
Dimensions 18.12 X 11.03 X 18.12


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