Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Line 6 POD HD 400 Revolutionary HD Modeling

16 state-of-the-art Line 6 HD amp models, 100+ M-class effects and FX loop and expanded foot control.

Superior articulation, tangible touch-response and unparalleled warmth and feel – HD modeling defies the accepted standard.

The new sound of amp modeling.

You think you know what modeling sounds like? You have no idea. Get your hands on new HD modeling now.

Truly special effects.

M-class FX are celebrated as the new stage-standards. One at a time or layered up, they help you create the perfect tones.

It’s all about options.

All POD® HD multi-effect pedals have 16 HD amp models and tons of great FX. Just choose the I/O and front-panel design that works best for you.

Price List Rp.4.770.000


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