Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yamaha SD255ASG Steve Gadd Signature Model

Price : Rp. 11.160.000,-

14"x 5 1/2" Steel Snare Drum; Steve Gadd Signature Model

This is one of a trio of drums that Steve uses to achieve his signature "Gadd" sound.


Artist Comment by STEVE GADD

"My signature snare drums all have a wide tuning range. They are designed to work musically in a lot of different situations, responding well to both loose and tight settings. They're everything I want in a snare drum."



Body Finish Black Plated


Dimensions Depth 5 1/2"
Diameter 14"

Design/Architecture Detail

Hoop Model Wood Hoop (Black Vintage)
Material Maple
Lugs Type Small Lug (Chrome)
Tuning Bolts 10
Shells Thickness 1.2 mm
Material Steel
Snare Material Hi-carbon steel
Snare Bed 3.5 mm
Snare Name Short Type Hi-carbon steel Snare (10-strands SG-type)
Strainers Butt Side B type
Release Side H type
Head Bottom Remo Diplomat Snare
Batter Remo Power Stroke 3 Coated


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