Saturday, June 18, 2011


----- Discontinued Product ---------

When first launched the Advanced Valvestate Technology (AVT) line of amplifiers was the culmination of decades worth of evolution and innovation. The concept was incredibly straight-forward; to capture the unique sound and feel of an all-valve Marshall amp in hybrid technology. They proved to be a resounding success story and showed the world exactly what modern solid-state driven amplifiers were capable of. The tone and look was 100% Marshall while the comprehensive features and effects put the competition to shame. Today the current AVT series ranges from the compact 20 watt AVT20XT combo right up to the all-encompassing, effects laden behemoth that is the AVT150XT head, ensuring there's and AVT amp to meet all needs, and all abilities.
The Marshall AVT100XT offers both beautifuly clean and heavy over driven sounds powered through a mighty 12" Celestion Speaker. The amps built in Digital Reverb adds depth and dimension, great for the clean channel! By emulating the feel and response of an all-valve amplifier even more closely, the AVT range perform brilliantly and represent yet another major step forward in guitar sound technology.
# 100 Watts # Impedance: 8ohms # Hybrid Technology
# 3 channel with seprate EQ for Clean /Overdrive # 1x12" Celestion Speaker
# Footswitch PEDL-10030 Included # Emulated Output# FX Loop # Headphone out
# Size: 596x515x285mm # Weight (Kg): 24.2# Vintage Design


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