Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ibanez MIMX150H + IS412MCA

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The MIMX guitar amp head offers features that outspec many amps in the same price range: 11 amp models of classic, British, American, and boutique amps, 10 programmable patches, and 13 digital effects. In addition, MIMX (pronounced "mimics") includes the unique feature of 50 rhythm patterns. The 11 amp models, with extremely wide amp/tonal type variation, feature ten of the classic British, American, and boutique amp models plus an original Ibanez high-gain "Psycho" model. The guitar speaker cab has 10 programmable patches. Any combination of settings can be auditioned and adjusted in real time and then saved to any one of the 10 memory locations. This includes amp model, equalization settings, digital effects and their particular parameters. The Ibanez MIMX's 50 rhythm patterns, a rare feature for modeling amps, offer a wide range of rhythms for any kind of practice, recording or single gig: metal, Latin, hip-hop, ballad, shuffle, hard rock, and much more. 
150 watt @ 4 ohms
Fully digital programmable preamp with 11 amp models, 10 memory locations, 50 rhythm patterns and 13 digital effects.
Accessory compartment
Optional IFC2 foot controller
25"W 10.1"H 10.1D"
Weight: 34lbs


With its angled front, the Ibanez IS412MCA cabinet is dressed to impress while delivering professional features and sleek styling. The 320-watt capacity provides a lot of growl from the four 12-inch Ibanez design speakers. IS412MCA also features an MDF baffle board, particle board back and sides, and 4-ohm and 16-ohm jacks.
4 X 12" Speakers
320 Watts Handling Capacity
Angled Front with 2 Piece Split Baffle
MDF Baffle Board
Particle Board Back and Sides
1 x 4 Ohm and 1 x 16 Ohm Jacks
27.6"W x 29.8"H x 13.2"D
Weight: 92lbs.


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