Saturday, March 12, 2011

Artec APW-7 Whish Wah pedal with Bass Switch

List price: Rp.675.000.00

APW-7 is a Mid-Low range enhenced traditional Inductor-Transistor type Wah pedal. Most of Wah Pedals need the replacement of pot, but APW-3 is applied to MAGNETIC FIELD SENSING SYSTEM, so it is NO POT-NOISE and MAINTENANCE FREE. You can control Tone range of Wah with Range-Knob.  It also makes 'Whistle' sound by adding Resonance using Whish Knob.

Power supply: DC9V
Consumption: 14mA(active), 12mA(bypass)
Dimension: 95.5(w) x 253(h) x 74(d) (mm)
Weight: 1,2kg (include battery)


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