Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hardee HB-304 WH

Price: Rp.1,700,000.00

Hardee HB-304 WH

*20 Frets, 4 Strings
*Black Dot Inlay
*Bolt-on Hard Maple With Hard Maple Fretboard
*Mahogany Body
*JB JB Pick Up Configuration
*2V 1T Master Conrol, PAssive
*Black Hardware
*Body Binding
*BK (Black) ; WH (White)

Hardee HD-1 TS - Abdee 'SLANK' Signature

Price: Rp.2,100,000.00 

Hardee HD-1 TS - Abdee 'SLANK' Signature

*22 Frets, Medium Jumbo
*Abbalone "Eye" Inlay On 12th Fret
*Bolt-on Hard Maple With Hard MapleFretboard
*Slim "U" Shape Neck
*Mahogany Body
*Single + Hum TeslaPick Up
*1V 1T, 3 Way Selector
*Equipped With D'Addario USA String
*Chrome Hardware
*BK (Black); WH (White); WS (Walnut Satin); TS (Tobacco Sunburst )


Hardee HD-1 Eyes - Abdee 'SLANK' Signature

Price: Rp.2,325,000.00 

*22 Frets, Medium Jumbo
*Abbalone "Eyes" Inlay On 12th Fret
*Bolt-on Hard Maple With Hard MapleFretboard
*Slim "U" Shape Neck
*Mahogany Body
*Single + Hum TeslaPick Up
*1V 1T, 3 Way Selector
*Equipped With D'Addario USA String
*Chrome Hardware
*Black Satin Eyes

Roland FC 7 Foot Controller

List price : Rp. 970.000,-

" S O L D " stock anymore

Roland FC 7 Foot Controller

Amazing foot controller designed for use with the RA-95 Real Time Arranger and the G-Series Arranger Workstations. You gain hands-free control of seven dedicated functions, including start/stop, intro/ending, and more

Friday, October 29, 2010

NUMARK CDN22 MK5 Rack-Mount Dual CD Player

Numark CDN22 MK5 Rack-Mount Dual CD Player

Overview - Solid performance power.

CDN22 MK5 is a straightforward dual-CD player for mobile DJs and club installs. You'll find that while CDN22 MK5 is extremely affordable, it empowers you with all of the CD-playing essentials for professional performance.

CDN22 MK5 is built in an attractive, rack-mount package that's equally at home in angled and straight racks. You can mount the control and drive units together or separately for setup flexibility, and the two interconnect with a single cable. It plays all of your CD and CD-R discs for media convenience. The CD player is housed in an all-metal chassis for rugged, reliable performance.

CDN22 MK5 gives you rapid track access on its easy-to-use multifunction jog/shuttle wheels. You can dial the point in the track you're after in a split second and also use the jog wheels for controlling pitch bend.

You can pitch your tracks up and down by 12% for easy beat matching. CDN22 MK5's programmable playback enables you to set up a sequence of tracks for convenient playback.

CDN22 MK5 has standard RCA outputs for connection to nearly any audio system and it also has a lossless S/PDIF digital output for super-low-noise playback. It also has Fader Start, which automatically starts playback when you move the crossfader on a compatible mixer.

CDN22 MK5 has all the basics you demand and few bonus features for making your gigs easy and enjoyable.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

LEXICON Omega Recording


8x4x2 Desktop Recording Studio with Cubase LE 4 and Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-In



The recording professionals at Lexicon Pro know a thing or two about great audio - that famed Lexicon reverb "sound" has been on just about every hit recording since we invented digital reverb more than 30 years ago. So when we set out to bring that sound home - we got truly inspired.
Nothing is more frustrating than buying a "recording system" only to find out that you need a gaggle of extras just to make it all work. Omega Studio is a completely integrated computer recording system that includes the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O Mixer, Steinberg's® Cubase LE audio and MIDI recording software, and Lexicon's world-class Pantheon VST Reverb plug-in. The Omega Desktop Recording Studio quite literally contains all the necessary components to transform your computer into a professional 24-bit recording studio - all in one box.
Unlike standard computer I/O boxes based on a patch bay concept, the Lexicon Omega Studio is designed and built around the same paradigm as large-format recording consoles. An 8-input, 4-Bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with inserts, instrument input, MIDI I/O and complete metering and monitoring functions gives you the freedom to record up to 4 tracks at once and mix without the need for additional mixing hardware.
Two dbx Silver Series® mic preamps with 48V phantom power provide a pristine front end for high-end condenser or more common dynamic microphones, insuring premium sound quality from the first take to the last. TRS insert points allow you to plug in your favorite dynamic processors before the signal reaches one of the 4 busses, where 24-bit converters transform the analog signal into a digital masterpiece.
Four servo-balanced TRS line inputs with up to +22dBu input levels let you hook up everything from keyboards to guitar preamps, including high-output professional gear. Stereo digital inputs are available via SPDIF jacks, and an additional high-impedance instrument input is included on the front panel for easy access to guitars and basses.
Finally, a fully opto-isolated MIDI input to ensures that there is no annoying ground loop hum or MIDI talk-through noise common with many I/O boxes and sound cards; MIDI output has rock-solid synchronization to USB frame rate to support applications requiring critical sync.
The Omega I/O mixer also features channel peak indicators for each analog input as well as an assignable bargraph meter for the 4 busses. By monitoring the signal before the A/D converters, clipping and distortion can be averted, unlike software-only level monitoring that can miss "overs", ruining the track.
All these gazintas and getoutzas are put together just like a big recording console, with input gain controls, four recording busses, and full monitoring features, in one attractive, portable I/O Mixer. Just plug it into your Mac or PC computer with the included USB cable, and you're instantly ready to capture the moment.

LEXICON Lambda Recording


4x2x2 Desktop Recording Studio with Cubase LE 4 and Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-In

The hardware and software you need to turn your PC or Mac® into a 24-bit recording studio.
LAMBDA Studio™. There is no easier way to get into desktop recording! Just add a microphone, computer and musical inspiration. Anywhere you can take your laptop, Lambda lets you record both a vocal track and an accompanying instrument at the same time (or two singers/ two instruments). It has two studio- quality balanced microphone inputs with phantom power for professional condenser microphones and TRS inserts that let you add outboard equipment such as compressors or equalizers. Two line level inputs are provided for adding keyboards, drum machines, turntables* or pre-recorded backing tracks from CD or MP3 players. A separate front-panel high-impedance input is included so you can plug your electric guitar or bass right in. Via the separate headphone jack, you can monitor as you record, listen to a backing or click track while recording or hear tracks played back from your computer. Balanced analog line outputs let you connect to powered monitor speakers or a mastering deck.


  • Stereo line inputs for keyboards, drum machines or analog output of a CD/MP3 player. RF-filtered TRS active-balanced inputs accept either balanced or unbalanced signals.
  • Two low-noise mic preamplifiers with phantom power for studio condenser mics.
  • High-impedance front panel input for electric guitar or bass.


  • Separate mic and line level input controls with individual peak indicators.
  • Monitor mix control for balancing an audio source between live input and playback mix level while recording. Can be switched to stereo or mono.
  • 2-channel, 4-segment bargraph meter to monitor exact levels of the analog-to-digital converters.
  • High-powered headphone amp offers ultra-clear fidelity while delivering ample power for any type of headphones.
  • RF-filtered and TRS balanced Line outputs for monitoring through powered speakers or recording to an analog source such as a cassette deck.
  • TRS inserts let you add your favorite outboard processors to either mic input channel.


  • Fully opto-isolated MIDI input eliminates ground loop hum and MIDI talk-through noise. MIDI output has rock-solid sync to USB frame rate.


  • Connect to your computer with the included USB cable. No need for a power supply…so you can record anywhere you can take your laptop.

TASCAM US122MKII USB Audio/Midi Interface


TASCAM has refreshed its best-selling USB interface with better audio specs and a fresh new look for the US-122mkII. The US-122mkII starts with two great-quality XLR microphone preamps with phantom power for condenser microphones. There's also a pair of balanced line inputs and a guitar-level in for direct recording of electric guitar or bass. The stereo signal is sent to your computer at up to 96kHz/24-bit audio quality.

The US-122mkII connects to Mac or Windows computers using USB 2.0, and the unit is powered over the USB cable. Zero-latency monitoring is available for recording without the delay going to a computer and back. MIDI input and output jacks allow connection of synths and drum machines. Connect the US-122mkII to monitors through the line output or use headphones with the front-mounted stereo 1/4" jack. The US-122mkII makes a perfect portable interface with metal components and solid construction built for the road.

The US-122mkII includes a copy of Cubase LE4 from Steinberg. This full-featured recording software captures up to 48 tracks of audio with another 64 MIDI tracks. You can edit your tracks to perfection using a variety of modes and tools. Automated mixing is included to create the perfect master. Cubase LE4 supports VST effect and instrument plug-ins, which an assortment included with the application.

Whether you're getting started with computer recording or adding a portable interface to your road rig, the TASCAM US-122mkII is the affordable choice for professional results.

Also available is the US-144mkII, which adds an additional line output control, plus S/PDIF digital in and out.


  • Bus-powered USB 2.0 audio interface
  • (2) XLR microphone inputs with phantom power
  • (2) 1/4" balanced line inputs
  • Switchable guitar level input
  • 1/4" stereo headphone output
  • MIDI input and output
  • Up to 96kHz/24-bit audio resolution
  • Zero-latency hardware monitoring
  • Mac and Windows drivers included
  • Steinberg Cubase LE4 48-track recording software included
  • Aluminum case construction
LIST : 184 USD

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



CASIO PRIVIA PX 120 W/ CS65 & amp ; SP30

PX-120 Technical Specifications
Keyboard 88-key piano keyboard, with Touch Response
Maximum Polyphony 128 notes
Tones 11

Layer (excluding bass tones)

Split (Low-range bass tones only)
Effects Brilliance (–3 to 3), Reverb (4 types), chorus (4 types), Acoustic Resonance
Metronome Beats 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Tempo Range 20 to 255
Duet Adjustable tone range (–1 to 2 octaves)
Music Library Number of Songs 60
Song volume Adjustable
Part On/Off L, R
Auto Accompaniment Number of Rhythms 20
Tempo Range 20 to 255
Accompaniment Volume Adjustable
Recorder Functions Real-time recording, playback
Number of Songs 1
Number of Tracks 2
Capacity Approximately 5,000 notes total
Recorded Data Protection Built-in flash memory
Pedals Damper (Soft and sostenuto pedal operations enabled by the optional SP-30 Pedal Unit.)
Other Functions Touch Select: 3 types, Off
Transpose +/-1 octave (–12 to 0 to 12)
Tuning A4 = 440.0 Hz +/-99 cents (variable)

Operation Lock
MIDI 16-channel multi-timbre receive
Input/Output PHONES jack Stereo mini jacks × 2

Output impedance: 170Ω

Output Voltage: 5.5V (RMS) MAX
Damper Pedal Jack Standard jack
Power 12V DC
MIDI OUT/IN terminals
Pedal connector (for optional SP-30 only)
Speakers (12cm × 6cm oval) × 2 (Output: 8.0W + 8.0W)
Power Requirements AC Adaptor: AD-12
Power Consumption 12V - 18W
Dimensions 132.2 (W) × 27.8 (D) × 13.4 (H) cm (52 1/16 × 10 15/16 × 5 1/4 inch)
Weight Approximately 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs)

Roland RD-700GX

Discontinued Product.

The supreme piano for stage performance.

Step onstage and step up to the world’s most impressive stage pianos, with amazing pianos and EPs onboard, plus audio-play and master control features. The RD700GX is powered by Roland’s latest sound engine for incredible sound quality. The flagship RD700GX leads the market with its SuperNATURAL instruments and a PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with Escapement.


Stunning 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds

88-key weighted keyboards: PHA II “Ivory Feel” with Escapement

SuperNATURAL electric pianos for unprecedented realism

Audio playback of .WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files via USB memory; easy onstage control with Audio Key feature

Piano Designer function for creating the perfect custom instruments, plus eight multi-effects processors

Three MIDI outputs, multiple zones for master-control functionality

Perfect Piano
The RD700GX is anchored by Roland’s finest 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano engine, including a brand-new expressive piano sound, with every note captured using a generous amount of wave capacity. In addition to its super-expressive onboard piano sound-sets, other essential instruments are built into this new piano, including EPs. You can even customize and save your sounds for instant recall.

Perfect Touch
Your fingers will love the RD700GX’s top-of-the-line PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with Escapement. This amazing keyboard technology reproduces the real surface feel of ivory acoustic piano keys providing a familiar stability and comfort to the pianist. The keys are designed to absorb moisture, ensuring a secure, slip-proof feel, even in the hottest stage environments where sweaty hands can spell disaster.

Another distinguishing feature of the RD700GX is its electric-piano sound bank derived from Roland’s unique SuperNATURAL technology. Enjoy realism, expression, and control like never before with this special selection of EPs that provide amazingly authentic and organic tonal response.

USB Audio Enhancement
Play audio through the RD-GX directly from a USB memory key. Flexible file compatibility enables playback of Standard MIDI Files, .WAV, AIFF and MP3s. The "Audio Key" feature lets you use the bottom 15 keys for controlling start song, song length, etc. In addition, you can connect directly to a PC via USB and tap into Cakewalk SONAR LE software, included in every RD-GX package.

Custom Shop
For those who like to get inside an instrument and customize its sounds, the RD-GX’s Piano Designer feature is your key to unlocking and personalizing the sound-set, down to the smallest details such as Hammer Noise, Damper Resonance, Duplex Scale and more. In the RD700GX, sounds can be further customized with the eight channels of powerful onboard multi-effects.

Sound Expansion, Master Control
Expand and personalize the internal sound-set by adding up to two optional Roland SRX expansion boards, then take your music to the stage. The RD-GX series make great master controllers, thanks to multi-zone functionality and multiple MIDI outputs (three MIDI outputs).

Technical Info

88 keys PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement

Sound Generator: Conforms to General MIDI 2 System, 88-key Stereo Multi-sampled Piano Sound

Part: 16
Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices

Wave Memory: 256MB (16-bit linear equivalent)

- Normal Tones: 242
- SuperNATURAL E.Piano: 10
- Tonewheel Organ: 10
- General MIDI 2 Tones: 256
- Rhythm Sets: 5
- General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets: 9

Setups: 100

- Multi-Effects: 2 x 4 systems, 124 types,
- Reverb: 6 types,
- Chorus: 3 types,
- Sound Control: 3-band Compressor
- 4-band Digital Equalizer

SMF/Audio File Player
File Format: Standard MIDI File: format-0/1, Audio File: WAV, AIFF (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear), MP3

*Audio File can be played with Audio Key Function.

Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4 inch phone type, Output Jacks (L, R): XLR type,
DAMPER Pedal, FC1 Pedal, FC2 Pedal, MIDI (IN, OUT1, OUT2, THRU/OUT3), USB (MIDI, Memory), Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type, AC Inlet

Arpeggiator: 150 styles

Rhythm Pattern: 200 patterns

Display: 128 x 64 dots graphic LCD with backlit

Controllers: Zone Level slider x 4 (Assignable), Equalizer knobs, Reverb knob, Chorus knob, Multi-Effects Control knob x 2 (Assignable), Pitch Bend/Modulation lever, Assignable Switches (S1, S2)

Expansion Slots: SRX expansion board: 2 slots

Internal Memory: 4 MB

Power Supply: AC 117/230/240 V (50/60 Hz), AC 220 V (60 Hz)

Power Consumption: 12 W

Accessories Included: Owner's Manual, Audio Key Utility 2 Quick Guide, CD-ROM (Audio Key Utility 2, SONAR LE), Damper Pedal, Power Cord

Size and Weight
Dimensions (WxDxH): (1,444 mm, 56 7/8 in.) x (375 mm, 14 13/16 in.) x (148 mm, 5 7/8 in.)

Weight: 25.0 kg, 55 lbs. 2 oz.

Roland RD-300GX

Discontinued Product

Perform with confidence thanks to legendary RD quality updated with advanced music engine and functionality.

The Roland RD-300GX is a powerful digital piano for powerful stage performances. It includes an impressive collection of stereo multi-sampled pianos, electric pianos, organs, and performance synth sounds. You also get PHA alpha II 88-key weighted action, WAV, AIFF, and MP3 audio playback, and multizone master controller features. The RD-300GX's vast sound set is powered by Roland's latest sound engine for incredible sound quality.

Roland RD-300GX Digital Piano Specifications:
  • 88 keys (PHA alpha II Keyboard)
  • Sound Generator
  • Conforms to General MIDI 2 System
  • 88-key Stereo Multi-sampled Piano Sound
  • Part: 16
  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Wave Memory: 128MB (16-bit linear equivalent)
  • Tones
  • Normal Tones: 110
  • General MIDI 2 Tones: 256
  • Rhythm Sets: 5
  • General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets: 9
  • Setups
  • 32
  • Effects
  • Multi-Effects: 78 types
  • Reverb: 6 types
  • Sound Control
  • 2-band Digital Equalizer
  • SMF/Audio File Player
  • File Format
  • Standard MIDI File: format-0/1, Audio File: WAV, AIFF (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear), MP3
  • *Audio File can be played with Audio Key Function.
  • Connectors
  • Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4 inch phone type, DAMPER Pedal, Control Pedal, MIDI (IN, OUT), USB (MIDI, Memory), Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type, DC IN Jack
  • Others
  • Rhythm Pattern
  • 200 patterns
  • Display
  • 16 characters, 2 lines (Backlit LCD)
  • Controllers
  • Zone Level slider x 3 (Assignable), Equalizer knobs, Pitch Bend/Modulation lever, Assignable Switches (S1, S2)
  • Internal Memory
  • 1M bytes
  • Power Supply
  • DC 9V (AC adaptor)
  • Power Consumption: 11W
  • Accessories
  • Owner's Manual, Audio Key Utility 2 Quick Guide, CD-ROM (Audio Key Utility 2, SONAR LE), Damper Pedal, AC Adaptor, Power Cord
    Dimensions: 56-7/8"W x 5-5/16"H x 13-1/4"D
  • Weight: 36lb. 3 oz.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Native Instrument Audio Kontrol 1

Price: Rp.3,200,000.00

Native Instruments AUDIO KONTROL 1 is a fully modern audio interface that delivers professional sound quality, versatile connections, and advanced controller functions all in a compact and sturdy design. This high-end audio interface offers crystal-clear 24-bit/192kHz quality sound through a Neutrik combo jack and a balanced line/Hi-Z jack with independent gain controls. There are three buttons and a high-resolution knob encoder that are freely-assignable for full control of software applications and included setup files for popular programs ensure it's as hassle-free as possible. The AUDIO KONTROL 1 also has four balanced outputs, headphone jack, and direct monitoring controls. It ships with full versions of XPRESS KEYBOARDS, GUITAR COMBOS, and TRAKTOR 3 LE so you can start creating sounds and mixing tracks instantly.
Native Instruments AUDIO KONTROL 1 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface Specifications:
* Interface Specifications:
Input (A/D)
* 2 channels
* 44.1, 48, 96 & 192kHz sampling rates
* 16 or 24 bit resolution
* Cirrus Logic converter
Output (A/D)
* 4 channels
* 44.1, 48, 96 & 192kHz sampling rates
* 16 or 24 bit resolution
* Cirrus Logic converter
Input Specifications
* 44kOhm balanced impedance
* +2dBu max gain
* +16dBu max input level
* .006% THD + N
* 100dB SNR
* 20-20,000Hz frequency response (+/-5dB)
* 3.6Ohm balanced impedance
* -40dBu max gain
* +10dBu max input level
* .007% THD + N
* 100dB SNR
* 20-20,000Hz frequency response (+/-5dB)
* -128 dBu (A-weighted)
* 1mOhm unbalanced impedance
* -4dBu max gain
* +10dBu max input level
* .0006% THD + N
* 100dB SNR
* 20-20,000Hz frequency response (+/-5dB)
Output Specifications
* 100 Ohms unbalanced, 200 Ohms Balanced impedance
* +13dBu max output level
* 103dB SNR
* .005% THD +N
* 20 — 20,000 Hz frequency response (+/-.5dB)
* 8 600 Ohms(load) impedance
* 4.26 V rms, 100mW @ 100 Ohms
* 102.5dB SNR
* .006% THD +N
* 20 — 20,000 Hz frequency response (+/-.5dB)
System Requirements
* Mac OSX 10.4.x, G4 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM
* Win XP, Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM
Native Instruments AUDIO KONTROL 1 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface Features:
* High-quality, portable audio interface with sturdy brushed-aluminium casing
* 24-bit/192kHz conversion quality
* High-end Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters
* 103dB-A SNR
* XLR/1/4" TRS Neutrik jack with phantom power supplied)
* Line/Hi-Z TRS jack
* Individual gain controls with acitvity and clip LEDs
* 4 - 1/4" TRS outputs with 2 stereo level controls
* Headphone output with A/B source switching and level control
* 3 freely-assignable buttons and 1 controller knob
* MIDI and key commands support for audio software control and other media applications such as iTunes, Winamp, or Final Cut Pro
* Direct monitoring with mono switch and mix control
* Low-latency ASIO/Core Audio driver
* USB 2.0 bus powered
* Includes full versions of TRAKTOR 3 LE, GUITAR COMBOS, and XPRESS KEYBOARDS

ESI Juli@

Price: Rp.1,500,000.00

Juli@ features highest quality 24-bit 192Khz ADC (114dB) and DAC (112dB) for the best quality audio.
The unique swappable I/O socket allows you to choose your analog connectors between unbalanced RCA jacks and balanced TRS jacks.
You don't have to configure your studio to Juli@, you can configure Juli@ to your studio. Juli@'s EWDM drivers provide unparalled performance and stability, and provide support for all professional audio applications using ASIO and GSIF drivers.
With the powerful EWDM drivers and MIDI I/O Juli@ is perfect for post-production studios, one man bands and use with mixers and you can monitor the inputs and outputs directly through the digital mixer.
Juli@'s optical and digital outputs allow AC3/DTS pass through for Dolby digital and DTS surround sound playback.


  • 2 analog input channels, 2 analog output channels
  • 24-bit/192kHz AD converter with 114dB(a) dynamic range
  • 24-bit/192kHz DA converter with 112dB(a) dynamic range
  • swappable socket (Unbalanced RCA with -10dBv or Balanced TRS with +4dBu )
  • coaxial S/PDIF digital input
  • synchronisation to digital S/PDIF input signals
  • optical S/PDIF digital output with automatic shutter (max.96kHz)
  • coaxial S/PDIF digital output (max 192kHz)
  • support for DirectWIRE 3.0
  • 4 inputs and 4 outputs can be used with 24bit/192kHz simultaneously (incl. MIDI I/O) - full duplex
  • PCI card is compatible with 3.3V and 5V PCI slots
  • independent monitoring control for analog and digital input signals and playback
  • EWDM driver: MME, DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 and GSIF 2.0 support
  • Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000/Vista compatible
  • compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 and newer
  • Linux compatible (ALSA)

ESI ESP1010E USB Interface


The upgraded version of our famous ESP1010 is now a PCIe (PCI Express) solution, integrating the latest interface standard for extremly fast and reliable data transfer, more reliable and stable than comparable FireWire or USB 2.0 interface solutions.
The hardware is equipped with 24-bit converters on up to 8 analog inputs, up to 8 analog outputs. Two input connectors are equipped with microphone preamps with balanced XLR connectors and switchable phantom power supply that can be used with high quality dynamic and condenser microphones, in addition two Hi-Z inputs are provided to directly connect and use guitar input signals. ESP1010e also provides a 24-bit 96kHz coaxial digital input and output, a 32 channel MIDI I/O interface with 2 inputs and 2 outputs and full EWDM driver with DirectWIRE functionality.
All this makes ESP1010e a perfect multi channel recording solution for all the latest audio applications including Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Sonar, Logic Audio,Cool Edit, Vegas, etc. - the system is simple to install and simple to use and is a great choice for you to build a home studio around. Last but not least, it is very affordable.
ESP1010e is bundled with Cubase LE 4 from Steinberg.
* PCIe card with external 19" interface
* up to 8 analog inputs, 2 with microphone preamps, 2 Hi-Z equipped inputs, 24bit/96kHz/107dB(a)
* switchable +48V phantom power support, with external power supply (recommended, not included, optional)
* up to 8 analog outputs, 24bit/96kHz/112dB(a)
* coaxial S/PDIF in and outputs
* PCIe card, compatible with low-profile systems
* 2 headphone outputs
* 2 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs
* ~ 2m connection cable between 19" box and PCIe card
* support for DirectWIRE 3.0
* EWDM driver: MME, DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 support
* Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 compatible


--- Discontinue -----

If you're serious about digital audio, you shouldn't settle for anything less than a truly professional audio interface.... and now with MiaMIDI you don't have to. MiaMIDI offers a pair of balanced 1/4 inch analog inputs and outputs and operates at the +4dBu levels used by pro-audio gear. It combines this with 24-bit/96kHz converters and 106 dB of dynamic range for the quality your recordings deserve. Also included is an S/PDIF digital audio interface for connecting to other digital audio equipment, and MIDI input/output jacks on a custom molded cable.
A unique feature of MiaMIDI is the use of "virtual" outputs. MiaMIDI appears to software as if it has eight separate outputs, which are digitally mixed down to the physical outputs using MiaMIDI's "console" software and its on-board DSP. This makes MiaMIDI compatible with all popular multi-track software. And, with Echo's "multi-client" drivers, more than one application (such as an editor and software synth) can be playing back through MiaMIDI at the same time.
Please note that the MIDI functions of MiaMIDI only work under Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

Hardware Features Software Features
  • 2 balanced ¼" analog inputs with 106dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
  • 2 balanced ¼" analog outputs with 106dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
  • MIDI in/out
  • 24 bit coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O
  • Supports full duplex 4 channel in, 4 channel out operation.
  • PCI bus mastering interface: works with PCI and PCI-X (3.3/5 volt)
  • +4dBu or -10dBv analog I/O on each analog channel
  • Software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
  • Built-in digital mixer provides near-zero latency monitoring
  • Driver support for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Macintosh OS 8/9/X (10.2 or later)
  • Support for WDM, ASIO and GSIF
  • 8 "Virtual Outputs"
  • Low-latency drivers
  • Compatible with all popular recording products

ECHO AudioFire 4

Price: Rp.3,390,000.00
Firewire Audio Interface 4 in/4 out analog 1/4" TRS 24bit 96kHz (2Ch Mic/Guitar PreAmp), MIDI I/O, Coaxia S/PDIF I/O, Headphones Out. Dynamic Range input 113dB, output 114dB. Include software Tracktion.

ECHO AudioFire 2

Price: Rp.2,400,000.00

Echo Audiofire 2 Firewire Interface
Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface offers an extremely small FireWire audio solution. No product this small comes packed with as many features as the Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface. Fully balanced input and output, separately addressable headphone output, S/PDIF I/O and MIDI I/O are all included in this 3.5 inch by 4.25 inch interface.
Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface is the perfect product for any musician on the go. Power is provided directly from the FireWire bus or from the supplied power source. MIDI and S/PDIF are available via a removable dongle for compact flexibility. With the Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface you can record 24 bit 96kHz audio with low latency monitoring on any Windows XP or Mac OS X computer (desktop or notebook) with a FireWire port.
Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface - Hardware Features
FireWire (IEEE 1394a) interface with 8' cable
Bus powered with 6-pin FireWire interface
External 12VDC power supply provided
2 balanced ¼" analog inputs:
113dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
+4dBu / -10dBV nominal levels
2 balanced ¼" analog outputs:
114dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
+4dBu / -10dBV nominal levels
Stereo headphone output with volume knob
Headphone output is independent from line outputs (listen to cue mix separate from house mix)
S/PDIF I/O at 24-bit/96kHz
S/PDIF - MIDI breakout cable included
Supports full duplex 4 channel in, 6 channel out operation at 24 bit, 96 kHz sample rate
Pocket sized ( 3.5in x 4.25in x 1 in)
Heavy-duty aluminum case
Near zero latency hardware monitoring
Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface - Software Features
Software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
Low-latency drivers support all major pro audio software:
Low Latency ASIO 2.0
WDM kernel streaming mode
GSIF 2.0 (Gigastudio 3 w/ low latency MIDI)
CoreAudio & CoreMIDI
Echo Audiofire2 Firewire Interface - System Requirements
Windows XP
256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later)
G4 or better processor
256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

ECHO AudioFire 12

Price: Rp.8,390,000.00

AudioFire12 offers the same high quality hardware and software as the new AudioFire8, but with 12 balanced analog inputs and outputs for 24 bit 192kHz recording and playback. If you already have a mixer and tons of microphone / instrument preamps, but you need to get all that audio into your computer then the AudioFire12 is just for you.
The AudioFire12 has 12 balanced analog inputs and outputs (TRS), 2 FireWire ports, MIDI I/O, word clock synchronization, and 12 channels of full duplex 24 bit 192kHz recording and playback.
Hardware Features
  • FireWire (IEEE 1394a) interface with 15' cable
  • 12 balanced ¼" analog inputs:
    • 113dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
    • +4dBu / -10dBV nominal levels
  • 12 balanced ¼" analog outputs:
    • 114dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
    • +4dBu / -10dBV nominal levels
  • MIDI I/O
  • Sync via word clock
  • Supports full duplex 12 channel in, 12 channel out operation at 24 bit, 192kHz sample rate
  • Rack mountable single space breakout box
  • Heavy-duty aluminum case
  • 32-bit / 1.6 gigaflop DSP for digital mixing
    • Near zero latency hardware monitoring
Software Features
  • Software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
  • Low-latency drivers support all major pro audio software:
    • Low Latency ASIO 2.0
    • WDM kernel streaming mode
    • GSIF 2.0 (Gigastudio 3 w/ low latency MIDI)
    • CoreAudio & CoreMIDI
System Requirements
  • PC System requirements:
    • Windows XP or Vista
    • 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
    • 400 Mbps FireWire port
  • Mac System Requirements
    • Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later)
    • G4 or better processor
    • 400 Mbps FireWire port

ESI Miditerminal M8U

Price: Rp.2,430,000.00

M8U offers maximum MIDI connectivity with 8 independand MIDI inputs and 8 independand MIDI outputs, providing 128 MIDI channels. The single rack space unit provides 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output on the front for easy access, next to status LEDs for all MIDI I/O ports. The other MIDI I/O connectors are on the backside of the unit.
With ESI's hardware based MIDI timing technology, M8U guarantees that your music will play back exactly the way you played it, via all the different MIDI outputs. M8U can also act as a stand-alone MIDI patch bay when it is not connected to a computer via USB and offers various MIDI THRU functions to route MIDI input signals to the MIDI outputs even when the computer is turned off.
Like with all MIDI interfaces from ESI, M8U shows the real meaning of Plug-n-Play, the installation could not be more simple. Under Windows XP and Mac OS X, no driver installation is required. The driver for Windows ME and Windows 2000 (or optionally Windows XP) is included on the CD. M8U has been replaced by the new M8U XL.

* 19" / 1 HE Case
* 8 MIDI In / 8 MIDI Out 128 MIDI channels
* high-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Mac
* MIDI activity indicators for each port
* various MIDI THRU functions
* hardware MIDI time sync
* Plug & Play installation
* unit can be used as a stand-alone MIDI patch bay
* Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X and Linux compatible


Price: Rp.1,570,000.00

M4U XL can be used directly in all current music applications, not only under Windows Vista and Mac OS X but also under Windows XP - even without any driver installation!
The compact 1/3 rack size box, USB bus power support and Plug-n-Play installation make M4U XL truly easy to use and easy to carry everywhere you go. M4U XL simply works perfect in any studio environment with its 64 input MIDI channels and 64 output MIDI channels.
* modern USB 2.0 compilant design, also compatible to USB 1.1 interfaces
* compact device (1/3 rack size)
* 4-in / 4-out, 64 MIDI channels
* MIDI activity indicators for each port
* 3 inputs and 1 output located on the front
* 1 input and 3 outputs located on the rear
* Plug-and-Play installation (no driver required)
* USB bus powered (no extra power supply needed)
* Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible
* Mac OS X compatible
* fully class compliant for support of other operating systems (like various Linux distributions)

Drum Microphone

Audio Technica MB DK 6

Price: Rp.3,969,000.00

Thursday, February 4, 2010

DW Collector's Series BKV6 Black Velvet 6 Pcs Drum Set

Price: ------- ( Call Us )

All Maple or All Birch
Maple shells with reinforcing hoops have a longer, slower sustain ratio while birch shells without reinforcing hoops have a shorter and faster sustain. Maple produces a warmer, lower fundamental tone than birch. The outer face, or veneer, has very little influence on sound. The core plies and inner ply have the most influence and significant influence on sound, respectively.
In experimenting with different exotic woods as alternate shell making materials, DW's Custom Shell Shop discovered that in addition to the different tonal qualities inherent in every unique type of wood, slight alterations in the shell's construction can also greatly influence sound. Some of the woods sampled possessed a vertical grain pattern that when tested, dramatically lowered the pitch of the shell. Thus, VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) was born. For those players who prefer a lower overall tone while still maintaining maximum resonance and attack, VLT can be ordered as an option on all Collector's Series Maple Drums.

VLT consists of arranging the grain pattern of the plies in the shell so the outermost and innermost plies run vertically, and not the traditional horizontal. The vertical grain places less tension on the shell, allowing it to vibrate more freely, resulting in the lowered fundamental pitch.
Built In Bottom
So, what's the difference between VLT and Built-In Bottom? In a nutshell, the optional VLT feature utilizes vertical plies on the inside and outside of the shell, while Built-In Bottom only has vertical plies inside the shell. It provides a more low-end response. While optional on all Collector's Series drums, Built-In Bottom comes standard on Collector's Series bass drums and tom-toms 14" and greater.
X Shells
Making drums sound better, at DW it’s what we do best. So what exactly is X Shell technology and how does it work? It all started with our foray into VLT™, or Vertical Low Timbre Technology. We found that in experimenting with alternate ways to cross-laminate a shell, the tension on the shell could be greatly decreased if the majority of plies were run vertically, rather than horizontally. Just like a guitar string, the tighter it gets, the higher in pitch it goes.
Shells must be cross-laminated for strength, so the idea of designing a completely vertical shell to achieve optimal low frequencies was never an option. Until now. Enter X Shells. The concept was derived from our popular line of VGE (Vertical Grain Exotics). Sure, we had been laminating veneer in a diagonal orientation for a while, but had never considered the sonic benefits until Master Drum Designer John Good proposed it, “If we can mimic the effect of a complete VLT shell, we’ll have created the lowest sounding drum ever.” The first prototype was made and the result was a home run. Exactly what Mr. Good had anticipated, big, full sounding drums with a huge fundamental, and all of the warmth, resonance and attack that Collector’s Series drums are known for. X Shells are crafted from hand-selected North American Hard Rock Maple in an 8-ply configuration with a 3-ply finger-jointed reinforcement hoop. The shells can be custom ordered in any Collector’s Series size, finish, drum hardware color or factory option. It’s a giant leap forward in shell technology and everyone wins!
The only way to fully appreciate the massive sound of these drums is to visit your local authorized DW Drums dealer and experience them for yourself.


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